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Humanity Rising Day 065 Chat Page

Text of the Zoom Chat from HR Day ___:

From: Michelle Kidd (11:01 AM) Hello Everyone. Excited to hear more about DONUT Economics, 💓 Michelle

From: Ross Hall (11:01 AM) Hello From: a rainy London.

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:02 AM) Hi everyone! Who’s also seen the last 2 sessions about the doughnut?

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:03 AM) Happy Saturday! I have

From: Kat Haber (11:03 AM) @Rieta lucky us who were witnessing Doughnuttiness! Yummy,delicious, abundant aligned with natural systemic worlds! Kat RAWORTH-SHERO RISING!

From: gary wohlman (11:03 AM) Hello everybody!

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:03 AM) Thank you Kat :HI Ian! Nice to see you here

From: Ani Ahavah (11:06 AM) Yesterday Kate quoted Donella H. Meadows about individuals making quantum leaps inst in paradigm shifts instantaneously throughout the world. I found her article here: http://donellAM)

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:07 AM) Thank you @Ani.

From: Kat Haber (11:07 AM) @ani TY for DOnella’s article. She’s also authored several books.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:09 AM) Good morning everyone!

From: Kat Haber (11:09 AM) Today…Presenters:
Yolanda Eijgenstein, CEO, Why Company, and Convener, Humanity Rising Netherlands, on what AM)sterdAM) is planning

Robert Metzke, VP, Global Head Sustainability Philips, Sustainability Council of AM)sterdAM) and Member AM)sterdAM) Economic Board 

Rieta Aliredjo, Social Ventures for People Planet & Prosperity, Circular and Doughnut Economy. RINETIC | Stars are Circular Foundation | CitySpheres
Talks about AM)

Bente Milton, Founder, City Transformers, Report From: Copenhagen and what City Transformers is planning

Ricardo Castro Iragorri, advisor to the planning director of the city of Cali, Colombia

Eduard Müller, reporting about Costa Rica 

Roy Alejandro Barreras, Director of Planning, Cali, Colombia

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:10 AM) @Kat - thank you - that is so useful!!

From: Kat Haber (11:11 AM) YE: Networks, how do we use the transition for self, fAM)ily, city, Earth, then Humanity Rising WEBINARS might be new TV (So agree interactivity is the innovation From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:11 AM) @Yolanda - Yes we need to see and hear the REAL story - what’s really going on , who is doing what, how are people thinking. We SO need this!!!

From: Michelle Kidd (11:14 AM) Some lady with a child is UNMUTED

From: Mary Thorp (11:15 AM) I think what’s fantastic about Humanity Rising is useful because it is global. Interesting about the different constituencies.

From: Me to All panelists: (11:16 AM) I love Humanity Rising... and want to applaud other local efforts. Here's a great idea on this topic:

From: Carlos Prosser (11:17 AM) We are organizing Humanity Rising Summit Chile October November combining our experts and people From: HRS global, most of them say yes, and Jim give his compromise to support us

From: Kat Haber (11:18 AM) YE: X independent to start own TEDx for Humanity Rising, then downscale it to cities, countries, all sectors rising, to make a real impact, YE wants to begin Netherlands rising, (this is what we are doing on a local level with TEDxVail COVID Clues, Climate Acts, Local Impacts) Need to connect digital growing world, can join together, YE will begin in September also today,is it a good idea to have a week of Kate Raworth (Kate will begin a progrAM) in September also) YE-boundaries of healthy planet and healthy people, AM)sterdAM) first city to embrace Doughnut economics, real difficulties begin to implement in AM)sterdAM) to understand, create, support how to become a real doughnut-AM)sterdAM) goes doughnuts, Netherlands goes doughnuts, means have to change a ll city systems, our personal systems, to transform

From: Michelle Kidd (11:18 AM) Yes Yolanda Nuts whole Nuts, Ecological Wonderful Do-nuts

From: Kat Haber (11:19 AM) @Michelle-love these

From: Michelle Kidd (11:19 AM) 💓 Kat


From: Mary Thorp (11:26 AM) What HR day are we today?

From: Jim Garrison (11:27 AM) 65

From: Mary Thorp (11:27 AM) Thank you, Jim.

From: Kat Haber (11:28 AM) RS: AM)sterdAM) icity of social entrepreneurs, platforms to self organize online, connecting 300 already in donut coalitions on energy, transitions to renewables, lands, green innitiatives, municipality already had a progrAM) for the 4 years of these alderman previous to donut economic embracing, at first world frAM)ework and now down scaling to street level, marry the even more powerful accelerated transition

From: Mary Thorp (11:28 AM) I live in West Virginia & I want to send this Day 65 to many people doing planning here & other places.

From: Kat Haber (11:29 AM) RA: Micro donut deals, cheap, easy way to insulate homes, concrete solution, also idea to have local entrepreneurs to learn how to make these insulating curtains

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:29 AM) @Carlos - YAY!!!!!

From: Kat Haber (11:29 AM) RA: DONUT DEALING - an art! RA: fan of circularity, donut podcast,

From: Shannon McArthur (11:31 AM) “city-makers” better than citizens…

From: Yasmina Groenstein (11:31 AM) @Carlos! Yes! :

From: Diane Skidmore (11:31 AM) @Mary - very easy to do - go to theHR website - it says 'If you missed a session you can find the recording here' so - follow that and choose your day xxx

From: david Beatty (11:31 AM) Rieta. What you say is all treasure. Thank you for encouraging us to shine and support where we are. ..

From: Kat Haber (11:31 AM) RA: COLLABORATION, support fellow donut makers in their initiatives, Marieke circular donut initiative, AM)sterdAM) 750th bEARTHday in a few years so 750 KETCHUP (sp) Clubs?

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (11:32 AM) it would be great to have a directory of “Donut approved” businesses and org so we know who to support with purchases, collaboration and donations

From: Diane Skidmore (11:32 AM) @Rieta and @David - yes - TREASURE!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:32 AM) @Stan, a directory of “Donut Approved” businesses & orgs?

From: Diane Skidmore (11:33 AM) ooooooooh yes @Stan (and good idea @Shannon

From: Kurt Krueger (11:33 AM) RIETA, The last school that I taught at has a Valley Environmental Academy, I’d love to dialog with you in how to bring it to them… It’s a “Barrio” Middle School

From: Michelle Kidd (11:33 AM) Marie a So Inse. We show local children how to plant and care for flowers and vegetables in our Community Garden. The Children LOVE tasting the vegetables too

From: Yasmina Groenstein (11:34 AM) We have B-Corp certification for sustainable business which is align with this Doughnut model...

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:36 AM) @Kurt didn’t you say you were starting a Humanity Rising in LA? That would be a great foundation for this! @Crisow - what a fractal! City forests

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:37 AM) Hi, for those wanting to learn more about donut deals in AM)sterdAM) ZO. Go to groene You can translate using the chrome browser. Also watch space. Publishing tomorrow our exploration Donut Deals results.

From: Carlos Prosser (11:38 AM) normally in Chile of every 10 trees planted by communities and schools, only 1.6 were alive the second. That is why we created the Green Hand "Green Hand" progrAM) that has quality standards for the cultivation and planting of trees, at this moment 5000 trees are growing in 16 school nurseries and they will only be. Trees are living things, not objects planted in 2022 when they are mature enough and people who assume their plantation register in tree adoption registry

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:38 AM) Thanks David! Nice to see you here!

From: Kat Haber (11:39 AM) @Crisow Von Schulz: former fine furniture maker, craft matters, craft schools have been getting bigger while caliber has been degrading, Mobile sawmill, buying wood for a teak table is as Xpensive a table imported From: Indonesia, local trees destroyed, trees in forests foreign big profits for brokers and wood workers made little, so decided to add value, to improve immediate financially and community, man is a hyper organism that had spread successfully across EaARTH with systems of money/power accumulated ine singular person is like a cancerous tumor growth, IC3 hyper organisms, urban habitats trees are the most direct, natural raw material a city can produce, that why trees cut down is emotional for city dwellers, with no $ and lots of woodworking knowledge, first year arborists, alderman, other stakeholders letters which cost nothing to understand the wood chain of AM)sterdAM), what’s happening in AM)sterdAM), frightening, 1,000,000 TREES, more trees than people, 20,000-40,000 every year cut down,

From: Kurt Krueger (11:39 AM) @Kathryn, Yes, So far the people on this cast have-not connected with me. I reach out to others and have just talked with someone about getting interns in a Ministerial students!

From: Me to All panelists: (11:39 AM) @Shannon & @Diane we certainly can collect descriptions of Doughnut businesses in OtherNetworks. If that gets crowded, we can start a system specifically to hold the information about Doughnut enterprises and municipalities.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:39 AM) @Carlos some cities have registry for old trees to protect them From: being cut down and to ensure they are taken care of.

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:39 AM) Good idea Victoria! Hopefully that will be part of Kat’s DEAL platform as well.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:40 AM) @Crisow, this is brilliant!!!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:40 AM) @Kurt - YAY!!

From: Crystal (11:42 AM) this is so inspiring, our imaginations are our only limitations. Thank you for being courageous Heart Coherant Doughnut Leaders!

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (11:42 AM) Crisow, I love this story. So many people get to WIN and you don’t even need to go that far. Radical cooperation

From: Kat Haber (11:43 AM) CVS: 10,000 cubic meters of good soil, artisanal woodworking/marketing of trees to making stools with children, neighborhood veggie garden, ’12 bought own sawmill with a grant, space in a new municipal yard for the production of lumber, table of togetherness and the music pavilion, realize serious contraction with local trees, grown From: handful of craftsman to 35 vertically integrating, wood production, collaborations, clay producers, architects, students, teachers, remnants of the saw mill used by mushroom growers and papermakers, and building material, and toy makers, perfume From: elm seeds, Strong uses by the principle of bottom up design, products for each part of wood to sequester CO2, so far mostly on trunk of trees, next branches, bark, roots, ink dies for textiles, 10 years of partners and collaborators, urban food forest project, hexagonal treee planter, moistens soil for 2 months without watering, only in case of drought needs watering, now fruit trees, herb/veggins, plants taken care of by locals

From: Malini Rajendran (11:44 AM) Do you have a law in holland that for every grown mature tree cut four have to be planted.

From: Rieta Aliredjo (11:45 AM) Hi Clare, the City has a maintenance progrAM). And about 3% I think is cut each year. Instead of getting lost in wood chipper, it now is repurposed.

From: Clare Rosenfield (11:46 AM) Thank you.

From: Shannon McArthur (11:46 AM) thank YOU

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:46 AM) @Crisow, thank you, it is brilliant!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:47 AM) What a wonderful story of refreshing our world in so many ways. I really value the renewing of craft skills!

From: Hilary Van Welter (11:47 AM) What a phenomenal concept!! Deep gratitude for persevering.

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (11:47 AM) I would also like to hear about the challenges and any push-back From: the

From: Kat Haber (11:47 AM) CSV: Social workshops provide benches, picnic tables, planters, City trees do not meet certification of forest so can not be added to criteria of carbon credits, central yard to collect all of wood harvested From: the city, chips and trunks all could become a hub for builders and mushroom growers, reports suggest good idea, still township hesitates, had no idea of Kate’s He called what he does economology-(Ha, a good word I thought I invented years ago as well when the time is right the idea emerges everywhere) Transition for economology! Economy respecting ecology. CSV: Please tell us more about how you view economology?

From: david Beatty (11:47 AM) Crisow.. I bet you can inspire THE SUPER WOOD DONUT OF DONUT TOWER!! with the kids!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:48 AM) True. A really special session - hearing how it can happen on the ground. And now Bente - great!!

From: Me to All panelists: (11:49 AM) I'll be bringing all of these ideas to my friends at the Philadelphia Tree Tenders and Garden Tenders. These are projects my wife is involved with as part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

From: Clare Rosenfield (11:49 AM) This is so exciting, film making with the audience

From: Diane Skidmore (11:50 AM) Special thanks to Kat meanwhile - great reporting!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (11:50 AM) YES!

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (11:51 AM) Wow! how about a worldwide documentary about how Donut E is being implemented around the world, sold to Netflix for wide viewing, funded by a go fund me fund

From: Diane Skidmore (11:52 AM) Wonder if Buckminster Fuller is watching all this From: out there in the universe - and glowing with JOY!!

From: Clare Rosenfield (11:52 AM) Yes! a worldwide documentary!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:52 AM) And oooh yes - here we have a film maker!!!

From: Dehanna Rice (11:53 AM) COOL! If it gets on Netflix it will spread the Donut Concept! Change the Model!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:53 AM) and teh young people can help too - (From: Copenhagen - the island From: Kat Haber (11:53 AM) Bente Milton: CAM)ping and unstable…loves trees, Kids need lifetime learning, filmmaker, into transmedia story telling, audience cocreatorrs of stories, who we are and what we might become, City Transformers born last year with C40 in Copenhagen on Youth Island between Denmark/Swededn for young changemakers to disrupt in creating a new world that works for humanity, Bucky Fuller don’t fight the existing make the new making the old one obsolete, makes so much logical sense, meet neds of all within the carrying capacity of EARTH, donut inspiring and looks like a black hole image, not sucked into the middle where surviving is not possible, STRATEGY: empower urban communities to transform like AM)sterdAM), engage young owns to become actively engaged ’20 global youth summit in 96 countries in virtual tables to meet needs of planet, building hubs inviting local communities and stakeholders how to implement solutions, all their future, so they should be allowed at the table, take them seriously in leadership,

From: Me to All panelists: (11:53 AM) Buckminster Fuller inspired the "Whole Earth Catalog." That inspired me to work on connecting people for my whole adult life.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:54 AM) I wonder who that one young woman is?

From: Yolanda Eijgenstein (11:54 AM) victoria: great idea to make a film: how the world changed into a doughnut!

From: Cheryl Cronin (11:54 AM) To Ubiquity: How can we find other 'Humanity Risers' in our local areas so that we can organize around Doughnut Economics?

From: Kat Haber (11:54 AM) BM: Copenhagen is following city councilwoman young inside the system and persuading her political partners to create a majority that will bring Copenhage, AM)sterdAM), Costa Rican alliance to pave the way for other places to follow, Fanny From: Denmark…

From: Dehanna Rice (11:55 AM) Yes, 100 Monkey Sydrome!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:56 AM) Oooooh Another Beautiful person!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:57 AM) @Stan, another request for a list - @Cheryl to UU for local HRs in our local areas…

From: Diane Skidmore (11:57 AM) With strength - this is the lady/young woman xxx

From: Richard Buckley (11:57 AM) If you are on a computer you should be able to save the chat by clicking the three dots on the right side of the frAM)e. If not the chat will be available on

From: Me (11:58 AM) Humanity Rising has the save the Chat button turned OFF. We need to make noise to have it turned ON.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:58 AM) @Richard - that facility is never there (just to mention) xxx (Maybe you can change it From: 'head office' one of the days - it's quite hard keeping up with copy and pasting!! From: Kat Haber (12:00 PM Fanny Broholm: Copenhagen Danish green party called the alternative, sustainable economics, global obsession with growth, single most important factor knocking on our door now, not completely implemented in Copenhagen, one party votes against it, final decision in December, great majority and model proposed with majority, confident model will be adopted, practical political strategy, London School of Economics, working in environmental policy in ParliAM)ent ’15 job developing triple bottom line frAM)swork, ensuring strengthening enviro/social indicators profit/progress, similar principles, relevant indicators for each of three bottom lines, elected in ’17, green city, but 2025 goal does not account for emissions From: import or consumption, biomass seen as CO2 neutral, downscaling frAM)ework to city level, lack of data From: cities, indicators not translated From: national to local level in the sAM)e ways, following Kate’s work for ling time, better to encourage DONUT to a politically neutral model, lobbying vigor

From: Me (12:00 PM It's just strange that Jim puts so much emphasis on the Chat without allowing us to save it.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:01 PM @Stanley, I copy it and paste it in my own document.

From: Richard Buckley to Me, All panelists: (12:01 PM Are you on a computer or another device?

From: Diane Skidmore (12:02 PM @Fanny - you are so right - it's soooo hard and a constant battle to affect change within 'teh authority' - it's a constant argument (and such a waste of time and energy'Like-minded people' - the key

From: Malini Rajendran (12:03 PM how can the donut economics model be adopted by companies in different verticals. Given that some industries have inherint dAM)aging practices.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:04 PM @Fanny, excellent points.

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:04 PM Congratulations on your work thus far! sending you positive energy for your future political endeavors!

From: Kat Haber (12:04 PM FB: new political culture-no fighting between parties, democracies inefficient with competition mindset, polarization tires people and yields few political results, values of listening political opponents and meeting them half way, gained majority around donut model (HALF A DONUT!) series of meetings of wording so all should see themselves in it, ended up quite different but step in right direction, red/green parties had to collaborate with other parties around immigrations, Danish Folk party seen as too racist to collaborate with green concerns trump compromise, Copenhagen green issues, party ow trusts FB to understand green politics with DONUT model in city council, helping, collaborating for green politics, both major parties supported the proposal…strategic! AGREEMENTS! great model, smart, link acknowledged frAM)eworks with planetary boundaries, does not dismiss grow polarizing issue, shows boundaries and where we are crossing them, not say what must be done to protect the boundaries so permits innovation

From: Avon Mattison (12:04 PM TusindTak to Fanny🙏

From: Shannon McArthur (12:04 PM ty Fanny!

From: Me (12:04 PM Dear Chat PEOPLE, panelists, too
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting 30 minutes after this session closes. Please write to me if you would like to participate (even if you can't join us today)
I have also created an email list for us to interact without being on at the sAM)e time.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:04 PM Yaaaaay!!!! Fanny - wonderful!!!

From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:04 PM Meget Tak Fanny!

From: Malini Rajendran (12:05 PM That was an enlightening process.

From: Kat Haber (12:05 PM FB: shall we see you as a finer future president of Denmark?

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:06 PM I agree!!!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:06 PM Yes! Santiago de Cali!

From: Dehanna Rice (12:06 PM Yes Fanny! It is a COHERENT Model! Especially the UN 2030 sustainable Goals ❤️🌎🙏

From: Kurt Krueger (12:06 PM @Crisow, We have an NPO- Treepeople, who could use your broad knowledge in using trees and such.

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:07 PM I hope I can get the contact of this man in Cali due to the indigenous lands being threatened by multinationals NOW 800,00 million hectares

From: Carlos Prosser (12:07 PM @Yasmina

From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:07 PM Hi @Kurt, you can reach Crisow at

From: Anthony Porter (12:07 PM @Yolanda—Who painted the woman over your right shoulder?

From: Diane Skidmore (12:07 PM Ooooops - old ladies - just not quite 'young women' hahaha Luckily we (oldies) can grow LOVE with young women so we can join youth with wisdom ❤️ xxx

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:07 PM Stan I would like to be on the chat today. too bad we lost the chat

From: Kat Haber (12:07 PM Roy Alejandro Fareras: City planner for Calli, Columbia,

From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:11 PM Good point @Gabriela. All generations are needed!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:11 PM Yes, and expanding rapidly troughout the valley of Cauca river -unfortunately!

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:11 PM Roy Alexandro who is now speaking, I hope you can honor the sacred land rights of the Indigenous of the Sierra Nevada that I heard the new government and multinationals are trying to take over though the previous president approved and honored the indigenous rights to lands that they consider sacred and that they want tgo keep so as to preserve endangered trees, plants, and animals and ancestral sacred rights.

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:13 PM There are major protests going on in Santa Marta so I want to know what you know about this and if you can influence the government to put people ahead of profit, and to put the plaent ahead of development which will destroy trees and all natural resources. Please keep my contact crosenfield9@gmail,com

From: Ricardo Castro Iragorri (12:13 PM the sierra nevada is many km From: Cali, but the political party that we are members of does suport its protection

From: Kat Haber (12:14 PM RAF: 3rd largest city in Columbia, just elected in January so 4 years to make the agenda real, each city must have a development plan approved last May, incorporating many DONUT aspects into plan approved on May 30 now in process, challenges: 2.2 million people, 561 sql, high density, 76% is rural soils and enviro protected areas, large national area, western mountains and Caouca (sp) River, socially unmet needs, so difficult to find budget and prioritize interventions because not at point of consolidating economic model for the city, we are developing, to achieve a new economic development/equilibrium that is more correctively equal, (LAND OWNERSHIP in SA is a major source of inequality historically) thriving industrial sector and service economy, many incoming daily with unmet needs, public space/housing/securitiy/high homicide challenges

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:14 PM And Roy Alexandro, please contact Kandymaku Busintana re land preservation for the MAM)os and others

From: Ricardo Castro Iragorri (12:14 PM Thanks Roy. Please for everybody: Its Colombia not Columbia.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:15 PM ty for your clarity Ricardo

From: Diane Skidmore (12:15 PM @clare - maybe put those words (and the question) into the Q&A box. It's important!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:16 PM @Claire -the Kogi and Arhuacos ancestral land issues as for other tribal lands through out the Colombian region is a HUGE problem, created by exploitation of natural resources on tribal lands, government corruption, etc... and yes international conglomerates agendas of extraction to no end....

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:18 PM @Roy - great graphics re: donut!!!\

From: Kurt Krueger (12:18 PM Roy, PLEASE help the MAM)OS preserve their culture and lands, You won;’ty have clean water if the logging happens or others polluting activities.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:18 PM Just seen 'Colombia not Columbia' and in that spirit - apologies @Claire for typo xx

From: Kat Haber (12:19 PM RAB: water pollution From: illegal housing settlements, waster water into the clean water sources, waste disposal, expansion to the south was built around mobility revolving around the individual vehicle, air quality issues, public space deficit, little tree cover on the mountain side, conntruction waste disposal, Mayor in the green party of Columbia, built the plan with 20,000 citizens involved in participation fo communities, identified own needs/challenges-clean water, jobs, housing, education, health, peace, justice, public safety, base of unmet needs, identified ecological ceiling, quality of elements, dynAM)ic feel d of action, reducing social needs and Expanding ecological ceiling then have abundance to implement more goals,

From: Kurt Krueger (12:21 PM Is there a timetable? Money allocated for these prevention issues, etc?

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:22 PM From: what I saw, Colombians LOVE their bikes! Extreme bikers up and down those mountains

From: Kat Haber (12:22 PM RAB: Colombia invest in clean water sources new water treatment in Cali, reconvert mobility to 240 KM of cycling routes for people to use their bikes for cycling infrastructure, substitute travel with cars to bikes with power mass transit BTR replace busses with electric busses, encourage admin full fleet replacement to incentivize private citizens to replace with electric vehicles to reduce emissions

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:24 PM @Roy, I hope there are considerations to recycle the old cars...

From: manuel manga (12:25 PM also need to provide police protection to bikers. due to bike theft and crime.

From: Kat Haber (12:25 PM RAB: Xpand/protect protected areas, 70 hectares of soil around Panza River now pric=vate land and growing a sousing developments, buy it and turn it into public space park, slow dow the development in high envoi valued soils, climate change circular economy mitigation in reusing plastics to city council to stop admin From: buying single use plastic in public spaces, incentivizing local biz to substitute other products, reusing used kitchen oil From: households poor into sewage system causing water treatment problems

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:25 PM Kitchen oil can become auto fuel - Boulder, CO developed a process for that.

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:27 PM @Roy, in the process what about inviting to participate the local national industries national to support and push forward with agenda? Sugar cane and cattle land owners in the Valle del Cauca region to get involved in the vision/initiatives?

From: Kat Haber (12:27 PM @RAB: how are you financing all of these incentives?

From: manuel manga (12:28 PM A city government alone like Cali can not solve all its human and ecological problems, you need a multi sector strategy and global strategy.

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:28 PM And you have AguaBlanca to work with!!!!!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:29 PM @Roy, What is being done with Crisow’s way of reusing the trees cut?

From: manuel manga (12:29 PM DE plus systemic collaborative open source learning,

From: Malini Rajendran (12:29 PM Columbia should look at the Waste Water Garden technology pioneered by Mark Nelson for treating domestic waste water to generate economic activity for the participants.

From: Malini Rajendran (12:30 PM for the population.

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:30 PM Roy, you have observed many things and have quite a deserving list. I wish you well with all of it! maybe groom someone who can take over after your four years are finished. This list is going to take longer than four years. Maybe you can regenerate the construction material like the wood is being reused

From: Ross Hall (12:30 PM This is an extremely helpful conversation and would love to discuss the implications on education and learning...

From: Ricardo Castro Iragorri (12:31 PM In Colombia buildings are mainly made with brick, not wood

From: ANDRES PALMA (12:31 PM How can I found the Costa Rica's national plan or order?

From: Leo Jacoby (12:34 PM SLIDE: Our first Steps

• With this instrument we hope it will help us follow-up our evelopment Plan so we can adjust the municipal governments actions when lacking cn the social base or overstretching the ecological ceiling. 

• Also it will be used to priority's the actions that have a positive effect on the variables we have selected that contribute to the model.

Plan de OrdenAM)iento Territorial Nuestro plan es que vivas mejor

Going Forward We hope to expand the use of the doughnut model to other planning instruments used by the Municipal Gcverrment, in the next few months we will start to revise the Land Development Plan and it will be influenced by the model.

From: Malini Rajendran (12:34 PM @Ricardo , do you use CEB bricks instead of refractory bricks. CEB provides local labour with local materials. If you share your email can send you links to this environment friendly building materials. and water water treatement systems.

From: Kat Haber (12:35 PM Eduard Muller: Costa Rica>>> pushed reform in 90’s From: $ From: Netherlands based on biosphere concept, zoning, local governance, make education all compatible basis, 10 years ago, involved with establishing IUCN, nature based solutions not happening at that level, UN and govs will be late, so how do we move to local level, based on territories, integrating nature based solutions within it, proactive, regenerative culture-arts/makes each community unique, culture washed out by social networks, polarization, nonexistence of cultural cohesiveness, train young women politicians, Earth Charter in holistic approaches, linear progression Challenges are Exponential , govs tackle old problems with old solutions, old mindsets, transition to better future Transitioned regenerative capital collaborative, concrete processes at local levels, no place has sAM)e solutions, Costa Rica, identifying, all of these places that have been doing siloed regenerative work, mapped them made a learning network,

From: Ricardo Castro Iragorri (12:35 PM

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:35 PM Yes, MAPPING and a directory. A directory would allow others to support, collaborate

From: Shannon McArthur (12:36 PM @Stan see above + Doughnut Economics = New Bright & Beautiful World

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:37 PM I love regenerative tourism. Everyone wins in this deal!

From: Me (12:38 PM Regenerative Tourism - that ought to be a useful term to use as a category in a directory.

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:38 PM Any way to get to missing chat back/saved? ubiverse? please repeat the seed link

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:39 PM @Victoria -@Ubiverse -Humanity Rising.

From: Kat Haber (12:39 PM EM: 70% dependent on tourism that was sustainable but sAM)e greenwashing some sustainability, land pricing increases, distribution of local markets tied to economy to substitute with food packages much $ each day instead began regenerative local farms, working on regenerative tourist industry moving beyond pandemic at a local level to two main cities with local production value chains, crypto currency to allow if no $ give farmers seeds, to accept seeds and transformational partners, common earth, strategic roadmap as a model of 54 common wealth nations, at country level, trying to get government involved with biz collapse and other pressing issues, can be transforming entire country to true regeneration, started better off, From: HR on 23rd, to turn into regenerative country, national XAM)ple of applying the DONUT, KATE has been uber helpful in applying changing all ag to local farms, connections including locals in the local economy, not rocket science, can be done by, for with the people

From: Richard Buckley (12:41 PM You can find all the chats on

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:42 PM @Roy -for Cali...COLLABORATION From: all sectors including people -bottom up.

From: Me (12:42 PM @Richard, a direct link would be helpful

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:42 PM Yes, Identification with the donut, wonderful! Allegiance

From: Richard Buckley (12:43 PM Go to the universe library and then to the replay. We will start posting the library link each day. Thank you for the feedback.

From: Luis CAM)argo (12:44 PM learning cities incorporating nature based education will be fundAM)ental

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:44 PM @Roy -OPEN the conversation to the local collective, this initiative requieres a circular, inclusive, open dialogue to solutions brought to the table to manifest!

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:44 PM Logo do the donut with scenes of nature, not that horrible carb-ridden junk food

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:45 PM @Richard someone used to post where to find the days videos and documents at the start of the day. I realized yesterday that these are already done so tomorrow is even available.

From: Dehanna Rice (12:45 PM Yes! This is Bucky Fullers quote...Create the new model!

From: Kat Haber (12:45 PM JG: 1 priority for each place? RA: Impressed with Copenhagen political unity, in AM)sterdAM) part of circular strategy, DONUT NOT NEW metaphor everywhere initiatives to aggregate metrics together, do what you are already doing, in next reporting add the DONUT paragraph part of the whole larger mission in it together in the storytelling to showcase working toward sAM)e goal YE: Together still small but unstoppable, so many initiatives in world, feel joy, those not busy with transforming their world, YE can help with DONUT SCHOOLS, green ED, need big companies afraid of how to remain relevant-(FUND THES CIRCULAR EFFORTS INSTEAD OF MARKETING?) DOn’t wait for anybody, lets do it ourselves, we need a shift in our thinking/acting From: people with power to power From: the people

From: Me (12:46 PM @Richard The chat text I've seen in the library has been greatly censored. AM) I missing something?

From: Richard Buckley (12:47 PM There is no censoring of the chat.

From: Me (12:48 PM I'll look again, thanks.

From: Richard Buckley (12:48 PM We will check and see if technical problem viewing the chat.

From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:48 PM @janice the launch of will help! Will go live mid / end of September

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:49 PM Please use my story for your film making, contact me Bente, at

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:49 PM YES!!! Collaboration, inclusive dialogue for ALL voices, all minds!

From: Richard Buckley (12:49 PM Replay for today is not available until two hours after broadcast.

From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:49 PM Also I curate Doughnut Economics group on LinkedIn if you like to connect there.

From: Kurt Krueger (12:49 PM Panelists, Please come to the After Party that Stanley has invited you too, many of the people are Elders (at least in age) in the Zoom that would be benefited by your presence. 30 minutes after our Hr.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:50 PM Yay, Fannny! Yes C Eisenstein!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:50 PM So sad - had/have to leave and play with young people but - aim to join later @Stan and all. AM)AZING session - thank you all speakers (and attendees) (Meanwhile spreading doughnut news - for politics and all xxx From: Rieta Aliredjo (12:50 PM Yes, they do great work @Jennifer

From: Shannon McArthur (12:51 PM keep the culture in the people!!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:51 PM Two sides of a coin are needed for it to exist. DEEP LISTENING with the “Softest part of your ears” and then speaking From: the heart. : From: Kat Haber (12:51 PM CVM; bio based housebuilding, much going on, 2 hours little time to talk about all sides of garden economy, happy to contribute in a little way BM:key radical collaboration across borders, beliefs, generations, sectors, gender, moving beyond fear, world out of balance, reaction to ferar is fight or flight, build a better future together, storytelling so important, need new story if we collaborate and believe in the future, wonderful city frontrunners! FB: Agree with BEnte to create new story away From: separation to seeing the beautiful in this world, many feel hopeless for polarized political solutions, move away From: righteousness, heal polarization of left/right wing, blossoming need each other to work together to survive, Charles Eisenstein: move away From: separation of ego to story of more beautiful world that is possible. JG: Complex challenge in politics today, RAB: Agree with Rieta & Eduard Cultural long term policies will outlast one/any government only achieved with culture build with communities,

From: Ross Hall (12:52 PM "Radical collaboration will be essential".

From: Me (12:52 PM Dear Chat PEOPLE, panelists, too
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting 30 minutes after this session closes. Please write to me if you would like to participate (even if you can't join us today)
I have also created an email list for us to interact without being on at the sAM)e time.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:52 PM @Kurt - hard to leave - just saw your comment - both sides - great!!!

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:53 PM Roy, yes, I wish you well with your great ideas!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:53 PM No copyrights, Open Sourcing, Cooperation, Collaboration is growth. :) “Just One More Step”

From: Ross Hall (12:54 PM This was a beautiful experience of weaving change leaders - and their people - together. Thank you

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:54 PM @Kurt - safest part of your ears - nice

From: Dehanna Rice (12:54 PM A BIG thank you ALL for your groundbreaking work Globally! This model is an antidote for so many challenges we face collectively! Kudos! Keep it going! Hopefully LA will adopt this model soon...we NEED CHANGE NOW!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:54 PM SOFTEST part.

From: Victoria Schwarz Schwarz (12:55 PM I wonder if you can sell this to country Peace Corps groups. Peace Corps as a collaborative org

From: Me (12:55 PM @Richard - Please write me if you care to talk about how great a job you and the others are doing managing Humanity Rising!

From: lynne yeannakis (12:55 PM Lynne Yeannakis iIwould like to participate ;in the after progrAM) group thank you

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:55 PM There is, Ed, a group called Ecomaste in the area of San Jose. Please get in touch with Jose Bermudez 413-358-5946

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:55 PM Yes Roy! and please partner with others in your sAM)e position From: other bottom-up cities -Medellin, Ibague, Armenia, etc... to get a support network with initiatives...You are not alone!

From: Dehanna Rice (12:57 PM Yes, Our Well-being is the priority NOW more than ever! Blessing our beautiful planet & it’s inhabitants!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:57 PM @Roy, Say people all over the world send him LOVE!

From: Kat Haber (12:57 PM RAB: with communities building together parks, plans, cultural idea replication, spirit of sccomplishment EM: so many initiatives, WAY FORWARD: COLLABORATE COCONSTRUCTION PROCESS cross the chasm of early adopters to wider acceptance, many Costa Rican initiatives aggregating to fit in a model of working together… tools Regnerate Costa Ris needs all countries to go in this direction to teach other countries/cities how to communicate to other cities//places how to do it, with other initiatives. EACH of you clearly you are building the yellow brick roads for us all to find our ways home. Heart felt gratitudes for your hard work, your kind communicating, your deep rethinking! JG: remembering key to abundance, Kate puts is simply -GENIUS applied to individual/fAM)ily/neighborhood/city/country/world, reiterative process to bring you back with others to brief how we are progressing collaboratively strategically, Ubiquity building courses at BA/MA/PhD levels, Crisow deeply moved by you as a woodworker, JG”s son forages

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:57 PM In the US please contact Michael Pergola and his regenerative project

From: Shannon McArthur (12:58 PM our handicraftsmen and women lost their value in the past - we MUST replace that with respect and appreciation. Beautiful foraged wood!!!

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:58 PM I forgot the p in the prior contact for you, Ed

From: Kat Haber (12:58 PM JG: ha i believe I may have bought something From: your son at the Marin Market! Prouder still congrats

From: Kala Perkins (12:58 PM So beautiful Jim!!

From: Clare Rosenfield (12:58 PM and Anyone else in the US. He is in New Lebanon, NY and needs help. Has the sAM)e vision.

From: Dehanna Rice (12:58 PM COOL! I go that Market in Marin every Sunday! I will say hello!

From: Annelies Weijschede (12:59 PM yes… lot’s of healthy donuts and celebrating trees including using the universe library! AM)azing Ubiquity U and Ubiverse, Jim, Peter, new every day process(!) Thank you (again) for you opening up!

From: Me (12:59 PM It also needs to be INDEXED! Jim!!!!

From: Kat Haber (12:59 PM Gratitudes!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:59 PM Beautiful! Tell him to check Western Design -Jackson Hole

From: Luis CAM)argo (12:59 PM thanks to all

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:59 PM Thanks encore une fois. Very impressive.

From: Kurt Krueger (12:59 PM Say when instead of IF! Tahnks

From: Kala Perkins (12:59 PM Thank you!

From: Yasmina Groenstein (12:59 PM 🙏❤