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Professor Daniel Steenstra is the first professor in Medical Innovation in the UK appointed by the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering at Cranfield University. He is an entrepreneur with a unique expertise in healthcare innovation. He has a degree in Medicine and a background in design and innovation in industry across a range of sectors. His brief is to link academia. Industry and the NHS to develop medical and healthcare innovation. Professor Steenstra is also a founder member of Innovations Factory Ltd, a private sector R&D organisation uniquely positioned at the Heart of England NHS Trust in Birmingham. This link provides him with direct access to NHS staff and facilities for development and validation.

Daniel is prepared to accept big challenges and able to break new ground in order to improve the quality of people's lives. He does not accept status quo and is passionate about creating better experiences and outcomes for patientsAcademic entrepreneur working on sustainable equitable healthcare using AI. Sailing in Med to maintain perspective. Escaped from Brexit Little Englan

Specialties: All aspects of innovation including education, leadership and organisational change.

  • Healthcare Validation
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Healthcare Quality
  • Health Outcomes
  • Health Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical & Health Profession Education
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Healthcare Economics

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 187 - Thursday February 18, 2021 Healthy by Design
Day 703 Tue 5/23/23 Zombies Rising: The existential threat to our humanity posed by the idealisation of modern technology

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