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Malini Rajendran is committed to helping humanity reclaim its divinity and live in perfect health, happiness and bliss. To spread the knowing and the practice of developing the Divine Heart Energy, activating the power of unconditional Love through the Divine Heart Meditation. To work with unconditional surrender to help humanity in everyway possible to navigate this time of transition from the dark night to the beautiful and wonderful dawn of the new human civilization.

A Fulbright scholar, A basic science graduate with a masters degree in psychology, environmental law, education, business and spirituality and value education. Trained in different forms and techniques of meditation and spiritual practices. A global citizen who has traveled to 29 countries and experienced the unique cultures in each of these countries. A visiting faculty in various universities conducted courses on Environment, environmental law and food safety.

I have Worked across a wide varieties of sectors : radio broadcasting, theater, aviation, publishing, environmental technologies, NGO, education, policy groups and civic bodies.