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A World Of Abundance Harmony And Prosperity

Ubuntu Planet is a global movement to liberate humanity from the financial money-slavery system AND the societal practice of scarcity - to transform our living experience to reflect the reality of our planet: Abundance & Prosperity for all - through Cooperation and Collaboration.

  • Since 2005, the UBUNTU Movement has grown to over 140 countries, and matured into a movement that unites people from all walks of life into higher levels of consciousness and a simple plan of action to create a world of abundance & prosperity for all – across all borders and cultures.
    • A world that can never fall back into the mess we find ourselves in today.
    • Our system is called CONTRIBUTIONISM – where everyone contributes their talents and skills for the benefit of all in their community.

No-one homeless; No-one hungry – Everyone cherished for their talents and contributions.

We call it “ONE SMALL TOWN – Will Change The World”


The town of Kuruman and several other prominent towns/villages in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.
We are proud to announce Ras El Matn in Lebanon as the first town to embrace the One Small Town initiative
  1. What Is Ubuntu
  2. Video: Michael Tillinger's One Small Town (5 Minutes, 34 Seconds)
  3. Video: Creating a New World - Free from economic slavery - Michael Tellinger (24 Minutes, 34 Seconds)
  4. Video: The YOUTH shall inherit the Earth - Tell them the TRUTH - By Michael Tellinger (37 Minutes, 42 Seconds)
  5. Proposal to the Mayor & Council -- Integrated Community Development Plan (pdf file)

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