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The 2015 Wishwall Mural is a project of the Wishwall Foundation (see URL, above). The following descriptive information came from the foundation via KOAM-TV 7:

During the Philadelphia's South 9th Street Italian Market, the nation's oldest outdoor market, Simonetta and her team at The Wishwall Foundation will be celebrating the 2015 Wishwall Mural to be painted on a De Bruno Brother's wall. During the installation of the team's first Wishwall mural, during the Pope's visit, they celebrated and granted a wish to someone in need. The team will be doing the same thing for this Wishwall celebration by collecting and granting another wish for 2016! The Wishwall foundation is built on the principal of "paying it forward" and this is a way for them to not only celebrate past wishes and grant new wishes, but a way to inspire others to pay it forward.

"It is when I meet people face to face that I really enjoy helping them. That is why we decided to do another event in Philadelphia and include my non-profit, the Wishwall Foundation. I support The Italian Market; it's part of my roots, it is a way for me to bring a bit of my great Italian culture in the world, a culture of good people that go to other part of the world with the mission of do good. I am excited to see all the beautiful wishes that people will put up on The Wishwall 2016! I am thrilled that this is when, with The Wishwall Foundation team, which wish we are going to make come true this year." Simonetta Lein, The Wishwall Foundation Founder.

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