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A podcast for higher-dimensional conversation

Editor's note as of 8/24/21... the June 2020 episode is the most current

A former anarcho-capitalist, a former anarcho-communist and a cypherpunk form a cross-border team to try to make sense of the culture wars, the meaning crisis, and how this moment fits into the big picture.

Editor's Note: These people have something to say about just about everything controversial (ie. interesting) from drugs to prostitution to how the economy works and who really(???) is behind the violence happening during protests.


Author Interview - Chester Brown

Author of Paying For It: on Life as a John and Prostitution in the Bible (3 hours)
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Incels, or "involuntary celibates", make up an online subculture of primarily straight men who, for one reason or another, consider themselves unable to attract a mate.
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