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Tools for Organizing and Managing Ideas, Processes & Dialog

  • Supporting telework, telecommuting, and remote collaboration to allow you to communicate in the most effective way possible with the members of your own organization, customers, vendors...anyone YOU wish to include, regardless of physical location. It works! We've been telecommuting for over 20 years and gave up our last commercial office space in 1990.
  • Preparing and validating disaster and continuity of operations plans so a natural or man-made disaster needn't be fatal to your business. We help you identify critical points of failure and how to maintain business-critical operations in the face of the most adverse circumstances.
  • Assuring secure, efficient, and continuous operations by assisting you in tuning and upgrading your existing systems and procedures, helping you decide when it makes sense to replace your equipment, and showing you how to streamline your operations and reduce costs while improving efficiency. We can also survey the security of your computers and networks, providing you with specific written recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerabilities and help assure the confidentiality and safety of your key business assets.