Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

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Progressive Democrats of America is guided by the progressive vision of a renewed nation, fully integrated into the community of nations and peoples, respectful of the rule of law at home and abroad, and committed to the universal values of human dignity, justice and respect, and stewardship of the planet on which we live. Therefore, Progressive Democrats of America stands in opposition to militarism, corporatism, and economic and military imperialism. We believe that our domestic and international policies must be reoriented from maintaining a worldwide military empire to one of meeting the needs of our citizens for healthcare, education, nutrition, decent housing, and jobs. We believe that our tax system must be based on the idea of a graduated system of payment in which the corporations and wealthy pay their fair share. We believe that government has a moral and constitutional responsibility to foster the welfare and prosperity of the people under its jurisdiction. It is our responsibility to form a government that can enact that mandate.