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1: You can find the Quick List of Humanity Rising Sessions

--Thanks to Malini!
The Humanity Rising Sessions are organized in a spread sheet / Tables in blocks of 10 days in each table.
You will find the date, session number or day number, title of the session and list of presenters here.
You will find each sessions linked to its page in UBverse and the Youtube video.
To deep dive into that days sessions and all the activity that followed go Here
HR 1-10
List of Humanity Rising Day Pages

2: You can find the Week of HR Sessions

The ChatPeople are the group of people who meet after humanity rising sessions in the ChatPeople zoom room found here on
On these pages you will find links to all the awesome after session chats and live discussions that happened on that day.
See who dropped in, what they said ; the wisdom and the stories shared.

  • HR ChatAction Pages
The ChatAction are the group of people who meet after Humanity Rising sessions in the Chat People zoom room found here on
These are the people, as we fondly call ourselves the "ChatPeople", who have moved into action.
This page is all about the various actions that are being taken by the ChatPeople as individuals and as a group(s).
Find a rich harvest of Ideas and actions here.

3: Humanity Rising - Partner Resource Page

On this page you will find links to all the organisations that are listed as partners on Humanity Rising's website.