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Rennie Davis knows the power of a movement to change the world. In October 2020 Netflix will be releasing a movie directed by Aaron Sorkin (the director of The West Wing) that takes a look at one of the most powerful events of that turbulent time, The Trial of the Chicago 7, in which Rennie was one of the defendants. "Many of you know I was an activist in the 60s. I was a coordinator of the largest antiwar and civil rights coalition of that time. We put on big events. We put on an event in Chicago that more people watched than those who watched the first man landing on the moon. A public Gallup poll showed it changed the opinion of the public about the Vietnam War. One event! I organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history. It caused the Nixon White House to enter into an agreement, the Paris peace accords, with the Vietnamese. I organized a tour across the country with John Lennon. I was one of the Chicago 7. I have been in amazing events that basically were about changing the world. Make the world a better place. " Rennie is such a darn good storyteller, and it's fun listening to him tell a lot of his 60s stories right now to the media knocking on our door.

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