Lynn Brodlie

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Healing and Counselling Training

I have experienced an extensive spiritual development path, aware of energy at a young age. In the 1990’s I set about finding my true gifts and understand more of what I was feeling and experiencing.

I have found travelling the path of helping others to heal (and constantly dealing with my own issues on the way) has developed into a beneficial journey; one I feel comfortable with, as well as fulfilling and worthwhile on a natural level. Lucky enough to take unusual opportunities has enabled me to experience a very interesting life. I have also experienced sufficient personal trauma and bereavement to relate to most situations that people needing help, find themselves in.

Having developed and qualified in various forms of physical healing, I found I was able to help people heal with conversation as well. I have come to realise that bereavement and unresolved grief are possibly the biggest cause of emotional and mental challenges which can result in physical conditions, further down the line. Grief can be accumulative, unresolved in childhood increasing the likelihood of being unable to deal with bereavement and consequent life challenges later. Qualifying in Cruse Bereavement support as a volunteer has been rewarding, helping clients to move on which can often benefit their friends and family close to them; a whirlpool effect.

I then realised that I could help others outside Cruse if I qualified in Counselling and I chose an Integrative Counselling style advanced diploma course which incorporated most modalities/techniques. This gave me a good experience of various approaches to help individuals rather than just one type of counselling.