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a philosophical compendium for the pursuit of life worth living.
Video - Loreen At The Acton School of Business

I am excited to share that I'm collaborating with the High Existence Team in creating learning environments that help bridge the "traditional education" gap through the Accelerated Learning Experience.

  • I would love to invite you to be part of the Learning Tribe of passionate learners, rebellious leaders, and devoted change-makers!
  • I'm one of the learners taking part of the ALE, and we'll form the Learning Tribe to integrate during the 2-day live event, and meet on weekly Study Group Discussions for the next 30 days to hold each one of us accountable: to be intentional in our commitment to show up for ourselves, and for others.
  • This is a Self-organized Learning Tribe without the need for the "experts" to tell us what to do, but instead we will design our own experience with the tools and framework that will be given.

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