Lior Allay

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As a muse, Lior goes above and beyond the scope of a traditional model. Using mostly found objects and working intuitively within whatever space is available, she enjoys pushing the boundaries of visual language and expanding the vision in collaboration with the photographer on set.

Holistic Healer

Lior Allay is a holistic healer with comprehensive training blending a spectrum of ancient yoga traditions with modern trauma-informed somatics, dance, & the latest data science for a flexible approach to self-discovery that is accessible for people from all walks of life.

  • They specialize in creating body-positive experiences for healing shame + unlocking human potential. They believe in the transformative power of nudity to find peace in our bodies & build intentional community through moments of genuine connection.

Artist And Muse - Light Alchemy

I am a multidisciplinary artist and muse with over a decade of experience in front of and behind the lens.

  • I am regularly published in print and gallery shows such as Vogue Italia, Susie Magazine, & TATA Magazine this month alone!
  • There is no concept too bold for me - I'm well versed in yoga, contortion, trapeze, and design.

I'm passionate about exploring true vulnerability through intimate collaboration with other artists.

  • Whether you have a vision or are looking to find one - I welcome the challenge.

I am available for projects as a model/muse, concept designer, set designer, and/or photographer!

  • I do all my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe.
  • I'm available to style shoots as well.
  • If you visit me at my studio in Upland, PA I have a wide variety of clothing and props to choose from. & I always travel with an attractive selection of genuine vintage pieces.

Lior's back story

(Recorded Interview by Emily Goglia)

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