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 https://www.kosmosjournal.org/ == Journal For Global Transformation == Kosmos is for those who want to participate in the global transformation from industrial society to the new civilization.

It is for all of us who have been disillusioned with the greed, materialism, disrespect and deep suffering caused by inequities in harnessing the world’s resources and wealth.
(From an article by Nancy B. Roof, Founder)---
Collective Participation For Global Transformation
In this time of crisis, and for the foreseeable future, Kosmos has eliminated pay walls. All our content is free to access. We accept no advertising.


This podcast series, Preparing for Profound Change, explores the realities of the shifting global landscape and offers strategies for coping with what lies ahead. Economic turmoil, climate chaos, political upheaval – these may seem like forces to fear, but in fact offer us deep opportunities for transformation.

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