John Renesch

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May 28, 1937 – September 22, 2022 -- RIP

I have a vision that energizes me every day and that vision is a world that works not for just a few but for EVERYONE! And, I know it is possible and not some silly pipe dream.

I'm a San Francisco businessman-turned-futurist, writer and international keynote speaker. I've spent several decades as a CEO and entrepreneur in variety of industries. Among my fourteen books is my latest, The Great Growing Up: Being Responsible for Humanity's Future ( which was named 2013 Grand Prize Winner for Non-Fiction by Next Generation Indie Books Awards. Other books of mine still in print include:

Getting to the Better Future

New Traditions in Business

Learning Organizations (w/Sarita Chawla)

Leadership in a New Era

Steven's Choice (available as ebook - a novel)

In addition to the books, I have spoken to audiences all around the world.

I am a co-founder of FutureShapers, LLC, which develops executive peer groups for people who aspire to become more conscious as leaders, and a Founding Member of the Conscious Leadership Guild, an international professional association.

Here's the promotional stuff:

John Renesch has received much praise as a business/social seer. The late Warren Bennis, best-selling author of leadership books for over 30 years, called John "a wise elder who shines with wisdom." Stanford School of Business Professor Emeritus Michael Ray calls him "a beacon lighting the way to a new paradigm." The Futurist magazine calls him a "business visionary."

For more information about his work or to subscribe to his free monthly e-newsletter, "John Renesch's Mini-Keynote", visit . To contact him by email:; or call 415-692-1646 in San Francisco.

Free monthly e-newsletter, John Renesch's Mini-Keynote (see

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