Irene Morgan

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Irene Morgan, Founder of the Restorative CommUnity Coalition (RCC) has invested her life in understanding peace, humanity and nature.  Irene has lived on her farm for 75 years, where she and her family ran a slaughter-on-the farm business as she raised a family. 

She initiated the State of Esteem project with the WA State Legislature, started personal self-empowerment work, wrote the Joyous Discovery of Self in 1992.  Irene became a counselor and therapist, then developed spiritual healing modalities called From Ordinary to Original.

Over the past 40 years, Irene learned from, coached, mentored and volunteered in social service non-profits such as Whatcom Crisis Center, Northwest Youth Services, Evergreen Aids Foundation, Sean Humphrey House.  All along she researched productive programs and promoted peace, emotional resilience and Restorative Justice.  

In 2006 Irene took a stand for transforming justice by founding the Restorative CommUnity Coalition where she developed community-based reentry, recovery and life rehabilitation programs for people who have been arrested and their families. She added Case Interception, Court Navigator, Conflict Intervention and Life Skills Trainings as knowledge accumulated.

These programs can be taught and implemented in small towns across the nation, as they are being turned into online programs and will serve as the foundation for her vision – to build a housing, employment, and service hub where we can network needs into a community restoration and revitalization location, where we can continue to improve programs.  The focus is on keeping people out of the jail and justice system because they are happier and they are mentored in being healthy and productive in life.

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