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We are passionate thinkers, designers and engineers united by a common mission: solving impossible problems faced by businesses, society and the planet.

Impossible launched in 2014 with one simple desire, to connect people to do things for one another for free, in the spirit of the gift economy. Impossible People is our new and improved app with the same goal - you give, you ask, you meet awesome people!

Impossible People
We rethink human relationships and offer an alternative way to interact with people through the gift economy. We think technology can be a tool to bring communities together. Our app allows people to post requests and offers of small favours, and matches posts with other users based on their friendships, location and interests, to make sharing easier.

Impossible Labs
We research, validate, design and build digital products for some of the world's most successful brands. We closely observe human behaviour to identify unspoken needs and unnamed problems. We practice beginner’s thinking to uncover new perspectives on the old concepts. We create our own products as well as partner and invest in promising projects. We reinvest our profits into our social commitments.

Impossible Incubator
We identify and support early-stage projects and businesses with a mission that we believe in. We form successful partnerships and collaborations contributing our time, skills and expertise (in form of sweat equity) to reach a common goal. If you have a project in tune with our social mission - talk to us.

Impossible to Print
Impossible to Print is our paperback communication. It is a distillation of social, cultural and political content that brings together quirky, insightful articles and rare interviews with the prominent people of our time.

Impossible Shop
The Impossible Shop celebrates and promotes brands who are pushing the envelope in producing thoughtfully and ethically made products. It is becoming more commonplace for people to question where the products they buy are from. Ethical sourcing and transparent supply chains are first steps on the way to fair fashion.

Listed locations are San Francisco, California; London, England; Lisbon, Portugal; and Brisbane, Australia.


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