Idea: Trauma Project

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(suggestive overview/framework/project outline / action plan)

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Understanding Trauma

Objective of the Project: ( needs to be written after the entire project outline or template or action plan is finalised)

Expected Outcome:

1.   A collation of stories/ incidents and events.( book/ series of stories(audio or video or articles or blog)

2.   Mapping of trauma around the globe.

a.   Quantitative mapping

b.   Qualitative mapping

c.   Interrelation of the  quantitative and qualitative maps

3.   Collating treatment and remedial systems available globally.

4.   Mapping of the availability of these treatment or remedial systems around the globe.

5.   Creating a safe space or central facilitation centre or central portal where people can access information on treatment/ healing or remedy available.

Action Plan to achieve expected outcome:

1.   Identifying the types of trauma ( globally)

a.   Listing the trauma and their causes

                                                     i.     The countries where each type of trauma occurs

2.   Identifying the types of  treatment / healing/ remedies available or practice for each type of trauma ( globally)

a.   Listing the treatment/ healing/ remedies or practices available

                                                 i.        The countries where each type of treatment/ healing/ remedy or practice is available

3.   Identifying the various groups and organisations working in the field of trauma ( globally)

a.   Listing the organisations working in field of trauma

b.   Listing the online forums and groups addressing trauma

c.   Listing events related to traum happing around the world in the past 3 years.

4.   Identify and develop a strategy for prevention in the future (in other words establish peace on earth)

Create Event

1.   A followup to the action plan

2.   A simple coming together and sharing

3.   Publish a book

4.   Publish a series of videos

5.   Make a documentary

6.   Activism – to prevent such occurances in the future.

7.   Set up courts/commissions for reconciliation and?