Idea: Issues Needing Work

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This page accumulates a set of concepts or issues that should be resolved to make the world more just, non-violent, inclusive, resilient, sustainable, democratic, egalitarian, regenerative, enlightened, caring, and safe.

  1. Recall and repair damage done by the "Doctrine Of Discovery Reference Page"
  2. Eliminate Corporate Personhood
  3. Eliminate Money As Speech
  4. Tax and Or greatly reduce the practice of speculation in the value of currencies
  5. Restore the limitations of The Glass Steagall Act
  6. Eliminate inequality in all human endeavors and social structures
  7. Institute a guaranteed minimum income (Universal Basic Income - UBI)
  8. Settle the political differences concerning abortion
  9. Extend "Equal Protection" to all public school students regardless of their address
  10. Share the concept of "co-creation" widely
  11. Insure that no one suffers or dies due to neglect
  12. Insure that no one suffers or dies from malice
  13. Insure that no one suffers or dies from judgment

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