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Dear all, Following on the heels of today's HR, I was drawn to a video on the earth element. And the beautiful video that Diane had shared with such amazing illustration.

Can we make the first effort to bring about what can be called community agriculture. Where everyone grows some thing, no matter in how small a container. A pot of herbs, some hanging bottles of any greens or micro greens, wheat grass , some sprouts any thing. First grow for yourself then grow some extra to share or barter. Each house has a unique environment. One which is conducive to growing some thing . While mint may grow in one home, celery in another, spinach in one home and kale in another. If then houses get to gether you have a small cooperative farm. I'm motivated to share this as I've just seen my done grow some amazing stuff in the windows and ledges of his flat that is on the 43rd floor. It's very windy up there but was great to see the plants adapting.

I'm sure With Stan's wife being a gardening expert, none of us will be lost. 

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with best regards Malini Rajendran

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