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Click on the Episode Number to go to the Humanity Rising Day Page for that episode. On that page you will find all the recordings of the videos and the chats and detailed information about that session.

Date HR Episode Topic CONVENER Panelists
21-Jun-20 31 Feeding the Soul Jim Garrison Pier Luigi Lattuata
31 Valentina Lattuada
31 Marina Belokurova
31 Vera Saldanha
31 Fariba Bogzaran
31 Virginia Gawel
31 Serge Beddington-Berhens
31 Andrea Molinari
31 Stuart Sovatsky
31 Mauricio de Luna
22-Jun-20 32 UN Unity Week Jim Garrison Rick Ulfick
32 Ben Bowler Jude Currivan
32 Jon Ramer
32 Mariko Pitts
23-Jun-20 33 New Approaches to global challenges Reforming the Global System , dealing with Climate living with microbes Jim Garrison Mouch Bar
33 Daniel Pinchbeck
33 MargretSolomon
33 Richard Horowitz
33 Robert Bransfield


34 Global Planet Authority Jim Garrison Angus Forbes
Cindy Forde
34 Jess Hines
34 Anthony Russell
34 Margaret Solomon
25-Jun-20 35 Money still rules the world- Move your money and start making demands Jim Garrison Ruth Brannvall
35 Lisa Kleissner
35 Jan de Dood
35 Nadine Viel Lamare
26-Jun-20 36 United Nations sustainable development goals Jim Garrison Eva Vati
36 Shelly Alcorn
36 Yonathan Parienti
36 PollyYoung -Eisendrath
27-Jun-20 37 weaving community in a fragmented world- inspirationa and challenges from the global ecovillage network Jim Garrison Kosha Joubert
Visolela Rosa Namises
37 Sabine Lichtenfels
37 Macaco Tamerice
37 Sonita Mbh
28-Jun-20 38 Dialogue with Jean Houston Jim Garrison Jean Houston
38 Kim Rosen
38 Clair Hiles
29-Jun-20 39 Gail Taylor Scaffolding Helping to support a new paradigm in its becoming

Humanity Rising Day 39

Jim Garrison Gail Taylor
Day 39 Annie Spade
39 Alexander Laszlo
39 Nora Bateson
39 Jon Ramer
39 Matt Taylor
39 Brother Phil (Chief Phil)
30-Jun-20 40 The New Art Economy - The New Art for Humanity Rising Jim Garrison Etienne Verbist
Sylvain Levy
40 Evgenia Emets
40 Ferhat Ozgur
40 Marianne Mangin
40 Epi Ludvic Nekaj

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