HR!Day927 - Fri 5/24/24 Breakthrough Therapies in Mental Health for Military Personnel, & Veterans - Mari Castle, Cheryl Lowry & Brian Pinkston

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Mari Castle, Cheryl Lowry & Brian Pinkston Attended the AfterChat

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In recent years, there's been a shift in how we approach mental health therapies. While traditional methods have been helpful, they're not always the best fit for everyone. That's where newer options like psychedelic medications, certain drugs affecting the nervous system’s glutamate pathways, and immersive technologies come in. These are being studied in clinical trials as alternatives that might work better than - or in synergy with – traditional mental health treatments. We're seeing a surge in global efforts to legalize psychedelic-assisted therapy at a rapid pace. This means that groups like military personnel and veterans might soon have access to these treatments through progressive clinical trials and approved protocols.

It's becoming increasingly important for active military personnel and veterans to have access to these emerging therapies. In this presentation, a panel of two military doctors, Cheryl Lowry, MD and Brian Pinkston, MD will provide a review of the latest research on nontraditional treatments and how these modalities can improve mental health and performance. They will co-present these emerging mental health therapies with Mari Castle, PhD, who will describe the benefits of holotropic states of consciousness and energy medicine. They will cover a range of approaches, including psychedelic medications, glutamatergic drugs, immersive and integrative therapies, vagus nerve stimulation, technodelics and naturally-induced altered states of consciousness. These methods are being explored for conditions like PTS, depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

Cheryl Lowry, MD is a retired Air Force veteran with a distinguished 33-year career, transitioning from law enforcement to becoming a family physician and flight surgeon after attending medical school at the Uniformed Services University. She served as Deputy Director overseeing clinical and operational medicine across 76 military healthcare facilities and has delivered medical care on all seven continents. Cheryl has led significant missions, including response teams post-September 11 attacks and medical operations in Operation Enduring Freedom and Antarctica. She is deeply committed to advancing non-pharmacological treatments in psychiatry, believing in the power of therapies that enhance empathy and neuroplasticity. Cheryl also contributes to medical education, developing curricula for aerospace and wilderness medicine, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast engaged in various physical activities. She is currently focusing on Transpersonal Psychology and Psychedelic-assisted therapy to provide tailored, experiential treatments to aid those for whom traditional methods of healing fall short.

Brian Pinkston, MD began his medical career in the U.S. Air Force after graduating from the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, where he was recognized as the outstanding medical student in psychiatry. Opting against a psychiatry residency, he pursued operational medicine, completing a family medicine residency and becoming a flight surgeon. His career has been marked by diverse roles, including working as a regional flight surgeon for the FAA, training NASA flight surgeons, and serving as a Chief Medical Officer for the VA. After retiring from the military, Brian engaged in volunteer work with combat-wounded veterans, inspiring him to pursue a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychedelic-assisted therapies. Today, he is dedicated to integrating advanced medical science with traditional healing methods to provide personalized treatment, fostering long-term mental and emotional healing.

Mari Castle, PhD is a holistic health practitioner with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology. Mari has devoted her career to exploring the therapeutic benefits of non-ordinary states of consciousness, primarily through Grof® Holotropic Breathwork, where she serves as Co-Director of Grof Studies Graduate Program. Her approach integrates diverse healing traditions with cutting-edge psychological research, aiming to achieve profound mental, physical, and spiritual health outcomes. Mari's professional contributions extend to teaching graduate courses on ancient healing wisdom, to include mythology and C.G. Jung's theory of the Individuation process, and she has authored insightful books that emphasize spiritual and psychological growth. Her practice is enriched by international experiences that promote mindfulness and inner healing. Currently based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Mari continues to influence the field of Transpersonal Psychology through experiential teaching, holistic health, and staying abreast of evidence-based mental health therapies.

Convener: Jim Garrison

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