HR!Day887 - Fri 3/29/24 Conscious Engagement: How ETs Connect and Instruct Human Evolution - Michelle DesPres

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Day 887 Fri 3/29/24 Conscious Engagement: How ETs Connect and Instruct Human Evolution

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Michelle DesPres delves into the fascinating realm of extraterrestrial communication and interaction. Drawing on her expertise and those of others, Michelle explores how ETs and their spacecraft engage with humanity consciously through our intuition. She reveals profound insights into how these beings utilize intuitive communication as a means of connection, guiding us towards areas in which we need to evolve as a species. Through compelling anecdotes and thought-provoking analysis, Michelle sheds light on the transformative potential of these encounters, offering a glimpse into a future where humanity embraces its intuitive nature and evolves into a conscious member of the galactic community.

Michelle DesPres is a certified clairvoyant medium, author, teacher, and speaker with over 20 years of experience. She has pioneered revolutionary intuitive development techniques, aiding clients and students in integrating their core senses into their daily lives. Michelle firmly believes that everyone possesses intuition, which she views as crucial for humanity's advancement. In addition to her work with the higher senses, she delves into the study of extraterrestrials and UFOs, exploring how they communicate consciously with humanity to facilitate our evolution into the galactic family.

Convener: Jim Garrison

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