HR!Day865 - Wed 2/28/24 Discerning the Future with Benjamin J. Butler

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Day 865 Wed 2/28/24 Discerning the Future with Benjamin J. Butler

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We will dialogue with Benjamin J Butler, a former investor and now writer, futurist, and philosopher. Whilst continuing to imagine and forecast futures, he is an evangelist for our transition to a technologically-advanced ecological civilisation. He regularly speaks at international conferences on global issues and long term futures. He left England 25 years ago and has been ‘on the road ever since,’ accumulating a unique international perspective to advise leaders on where the world might be heading.

Benjamin advises the leadership of a number of organisations about the future including Zurich-based Horasis, the American Renewable Energy Institute , Ubiquity University, the UN’s Resilience Frontiers initiative (which uses collective intelligence to create desirable futures for 2030-2050) and the World Economic Forum on quantum technology. Benjamin is the founder of the Embassy of the Future.

Benjamin started his career on Wall St and in global finance and was a highly prescient sense maker and forecaster of the future. He worked with numerous investment banks predominantly advising Chief Investment Officers or with hedge funds. In 2011 he co-founded Mind Fund and was an early investor in Tik Tok. For several years he wrote the International Column of Dow Theory Letters with Wall St legend Richard Russell.

He has been a long term practitioner of Zen and the Tao, having been based out of Asia for 22 years. In his early twenties he moved to Japan and learnt the Japanese language, culture and Zen.

Convener: Jim Garrison

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