HR!Day676 - Join our Pilgrimage to Chartres July 2 - 8: Experience Waves of Love from the Music of the Spheres

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Day 676 Fri 4/14/23 Join our Pilgrimage to Chartres July 2 - 8: Experience Waves of Love from the Music of the Spheres

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Join us in pilgrimage to Chartres, France July 2 -8 where we will contemplate the cosmos as a divine work of beauty, and how the sounds of the cosmos can heal, inspire and transform us. Join us in Chartres to explore the healing power of what the philosopher Pythagoras called the “music of the spheres” on our psyches and destinies as we collectively heal through music and sound therapies, reflective time in the cathedral, shared dreams, walking the labyrinth, and dancing the patterns & rhythms of our cosmos.

Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments. All existence is vibratory in nature. When you are aware of your own inner vibrations, able to witness life around you as a concert of sound, to discover that you are in fact sound, then the division between our internal and external perceptions of reality blend into harmony. Sound is the perfect tool for healing practices, as well as personal development, because it resonates with the nature of existence and affects individuals on all levels. Your “Ultrasonic Core” has the potential to transform the act of listening into a harmonious experience with profound biological and psychological benefits.

Today we will hear from some of the faculty who will be guiding our seven day initiatory process there:

  • Banafsheh Sayyad, Founder, Dance of Oneness, who choreographs our sacred practice, dance and whirling.
  • HeatherAsh Amara, Author, Director, Woman Goddess Training, who oversees our rituals.
  • Apela Colorado, Founder, World Indigenous Science Network, who invokes each day and leads our collective dreaming.
  • Timoti Bramley, Maori shaman, who supports the invocations and dreaming
  • Calen Rayne, Director of Institutional Energetics and a member of Adjunct Faculty at Ubiquity University


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

72 Participants


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