HR!Day626 - The Stress Prescription: Living Your Best Life in Times of Existential Stress

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--- Humanity Rising Day 626 - Monday February 6, 2023      (GoTo Bottom)
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Humans are incredibly resilient. Elissa Epel has been studying stress resilience for 25 years from a health perspective. In particular, she has focused on what slows vs speeds biological aging, and wrote The Telomere Effect, with Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn.

Turning to our new era of global challenges requires a new mindset and communal coping. She will discuss The Stress Prescription, her new book, including the different ways we can use stress science and contemplative wisdom to navigate our nervous system and transform our troubled planetary state.

  • Elissa Epel, Ph.D, is a Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University of California, San Francisco.  She studies how chronic psychological stress accelerates biological aging, and how contemplative interventions, and positive stress interventions can promote stress and physiological resilience. She also studies the interconnections between emotions, eating, metabolism and weight and how mindfulness training impacts maternal and offspring health.  She is a member of the National Academy of Medicine, and has won many awards for her research. Epel co-wrote with Elizabeth Blackburn The Telomere Effect: The new science of living younger longer,  a New York Times best seller and now in 30 languages. She is the author of the new book The Stress Prescription.

Recommended Resources

Elissa’s new book: The Stress Prescription: 7 days to more joy and ease

VIDEO COURSE: “The Mind, the Human-Earth connection and the Climate Crisis” Course. from the Mind and LifeSummer Research Institute, a free or by donation, available here: :: my colleagues, we have featured top international speakers in a contemplative course with rich information ondeveloping climate resilience and healing our relationship with nature.)

OUR STUDY APP ON JOY! The Big Joy Project is a website and mobile app, at ::, is aone-week experience we created to promote inner joy and well-being. This is also a citizen science project todiscover more about what works for whom, across different regions and countries. We are in over 100 countries already and we hope to reach 100,000 people!  Please share this if you like it and promote big joy science!

Talks for climate activists: One Earth Sangha: ::, offers classes and webinars on how toapproach the climate crisis from both an engaged active and a contemplative perspective.

You Matter More Than You Think: Quantum Social Change for a Thriving World,

by Karen O’Brien, and Christina Bethell, Oslo, Norway: cChange, 2021.

A book that is our timeless guide: Active Hope, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone ::


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