HR!Day491 - The Many Paths Inward (with Susan Hess Logeais)

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--- Humanity Rising Day 491 - Friday June 3, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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There are multiple options for turning inward, for developing a connection to one’s higher self and the dimensions of consciousness in which it dwells. Over the course of the past forty years, filmmaker, psychonaut, and consciousness researcher, Susan Hess Logeais has explored many of those techniques, most notably:

• Flotation tanks

• Walking over hot coals with Tony Robbins

• Bio energetics and rebirthing at Rajneeshpurim, Madras, OR

• Shamanic journeywork with Michael Harner

• A Course in Light with Tony Moltzan

• Forrest Yoga

• Vipassana as taught by SM Goenka

• Sound healing with Tom Kenyon

• Quantum Physics with Amit Goswami

• Spacial Dynamics with Jaimen McMillan

• Archetypal Astrology with Becca Tarnas & Laura Michetti, (PCP program at CIIS)

• Tibetan Buddhist practice of CHOD, as taught by Tsering Wangdu Rinposche

• Gene Keys as taught by Richard Rudd

• Eight years of psychedelic exploration working with Stan Grof for the documentary The Way of the Psychonaut

Susan Hess Logeais brings her passion as a social activist to her work as a filmmaker, creating thought provoking and inspiring films.

Her background as a dancer, actress and perpetual student allows her to craft stories that do more than entertain. She also blends the knowledge and understanding earned from over 40 years of spiritual exploration with her technical experience as a filmmaker, providing her with a unique perspective on building projects that draw the viewer into a heartfelt experience of the story. Susan holds a Masters in Religion and Philosophy, with a focus on Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Transformational Entertainment and Human Consciousness. Susan credits her first LSD trip at Studio 54 for inspiring her curiosity and igniting a passion to continue that exploration into her sixties. Her takeaway from decades of experience is that spiritual paths lead inward, to a place of connection with the creative energy of the universe and all the forms that it takes - regardless of the path one chooses. She loves nothing more than to share information about these techniques so that others might begin their journey of connection and healing.



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