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--- Humanity Rising Day 349 - Thursday October 28, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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A Model of Transformation and Healing For Our Times

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“In this post-modern world the hunger to belong has rarely been more intense, more urgent. With many of the ancient, traditional shelters now in ruins, it is as if society has lost the art of fostering community.” - John O’Donohue,Irish poet, author, priest, and Hegelian philosopher.  

Communities come and go. What is the secret to sustaining them for 400 years and beyond? What are the aspects and components of a community that fosters human renewal, supports the best in the human spirit, and increases resilience to future challenges?  How does a conscious and awakening community offer a model of transformation and healing for ourselves, our societies and our organizations?

Clear Sky Retreat Center is a “living lab” and training center for conscious awakening community. Home to founding teachers Qapel and Catherine Sensei, and students, it is a supportive space for meditation, study, service and liberating the shadow.  We co-create cutting edge approaches to spiritual practise community, money and the environment. Our lineage can be traced back to the Buddha, from teacher to student, and with strong roots in both Vajrayana Buddhism and Western spiritual traditions.  Drawing on this legacy we are evolving new universalist forms of depth teachings that are fit to meet the global challenges we all face.

COVID-19 has highlighted for us how resilient our approach is proving to be.  We are practising sustainability across dimensions: spiritual, financial, environmental and social.  It's working in beautiful and exciting ways.  Let us share our secret sauces, so that it might create fresh inspirations, thoughts, mindforms and attitudes that you can adapt to your life and work.

In this talk, members of Clear Sky share real visceral stories and learnings on questions including:

  • What is conscious awakening community and why does it matter?
  • What practices can sustain us in challenging times?
  • How can the path of service and generosity help us both as a profound learning, and as a generative model for working together?
  • How do training and mentors fit with depth transformation?
  • What are some skillful ways to integrate the shadow around money, sex and power? Why is this important?
  • What kind of models can we co-create to for generative growth, healing and community?


  • Catherine Pawasarat Sensei has trained daily with Acariya Doug Qapel Duncan since 1998 in an intensive spiritual apprenticeship that is rare in the modern West. She received lay ordination from Namgyal Rinpoche in 2003. With Qapel she is co-founder of Clear Sky Retreat Center in the BC Rockies, as well as their international virtual monastery Planet Dharma.  She is also the world’s foremost English speaking expert on Japan’s Gion Matsuri Festival.
  • Karen McAllister is a founding member of Clear Sky. She is Director of Fund Development & Board Chair. She co-teaches Clear Sky’s Integrating Mindfulness and serves the community in helping them clean up their relationship with money. She is the founder of Mindful Money coaching and is passionate about building the bridge between spirituality and money. She believes that our current relationship with money reflects a spiritual crisis in the human race.
  • Duncan Cryle is a founding member of Clear Sky,  and was Board Chair from 2008 to 2014,. He co-teaches Clear Sky’s Integrating Mindfulness and 3 month residential intensive programs. He is a Senior Director at a global software company where he also leads a company-wide mindfulness program, and was previously one of the pioneers of IBM’s mindfulness community.
  • Maureen Smith co-manages Clear Sky Retreat Center, teaching awakening programs and meditations. She has lived in the Center’s conscious community since 2005, and leads the Body Team, responsible for operations, infrastructure and care of the 310 acres in rural Canadian Rocky Mountains.
  • Cara Conroy-Lau, originally from New Zealand, has been training and contributing at Clear Sky since 2007. She served as Clear Sky’s food forest and farm manager from 2009-2012, and since moving back to the center in 2018, now manages online course technologies.  She is a Registered Acupuncturist, providing meditation and acupuncture services to the local community.  
  • Ava McLean, since 2016, resides at Clear Sky and serving as Marketing and Community Manager. Founder of Awakening Lovers: Somatic Sex & Relationship Coaching.
  • Richard Nathaniel Jr. is the assistant manager of personal retreats, and assists with training participants in Clear Sky’s Three Month Intensive Program. He moved to Clear Sky from Tokyo after graduating from Temple University Japan in November 2018.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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