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Polarity Paradigm Immersion

--- Humanity Rising Day 302 - Thursday July 29, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Enter and experience the “Cosmology of Nature” with Polarity Therapy, the “Original Energy-work”! Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, who was a Doctor of Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Naturopathy. Ahead of his time, he published “The Wireless Anatomy of Man” in 1953. With hand-drawn charts he illustrated the fields of potential wireless energy currents in the human body. These fields became the fulcrum for moving and releasing stagnant currents in the body by polarity contacts and skillful manipulation based upon energy flow, unlike the nervous system as conductor. Energy is the common thread uniting every aspect of our lives, including “Consciousness”! The awesome force of attraction and repulsion which keeps our atoms in place is the fundamental glue of the Universe!

This is an experiential session as well as educational. Energy flow feels good! It’s described as warmth, tingling, buzzing or vibration. Tension is released and the mind relaxes. Find out what the ancients called “liquid light”, where some believe spirit moves into matter in the body and you produce a pint of it every day! Discover what Dr. Stone called the “ultra-sonic” core and how we are all made of light & sound!


  • Dehanna Rice is a registered polarity practitioner and certified hypnotherapist who recently relocated from NYC to the Bay Area. (Pre-Covid) She has 25 years’ experience teaching energy-based modalities in the United States and Europe. Certified in Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Vita-flex Techniques and Open Focus Meditation. Dehanna is a Senior Teacher with the Breath-Body-Mind Community that recently taught, (pre-Covid), their 1st Teacher Training at 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, on the West Coast. Their work incorporates a highly researched “medical breath-work”, featured in the New York Times, called “Coherent Breathing”. They have supported thousands of people from 911 twin towers disaster, soldiers returning or going to the battlefield, middle eastern refugees, shootings and trauma victims from natural disaster worldwide.



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