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What Women Need from Men

--- Humanity Rising Day 290 - Tuesday July 13, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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One of the perpetual questions asked by men throughout history is “What do women want?”  Here’s the problem: Men have been asking this question of each other – instead of asking women and listening to their answers. Is it because they forgot to ask? Or perhaps they didn’t want to hear the answers.

The upcoming Global Men’s Summit will be a conversation about men in relationship – with themselves, with each other, with women, and with the world. We are including the voices of all genders, cultural backgrounds and persuasions in our discussion about men’s issues. We are welcoming a wide variety of perspectives and points of view, focusing especially on healing our past and improving our future.

Research shows that in Western countries, girls are now ahead of boys in almost all areas of learning and study in schools. The women’s movement liberated and awakened more women around the world than the men’s movement has liberated and awakened men. Our goal is to inspire more men to wake up, stand up, and show up in their relationships to people and the planet, and to bring their gifts to solve the problems we face as a species and a civilization.

What do women need and want from men?  The world is burning, and there’s no time to waste on blame or shame. We have all contributed to our current condition. It’s time for men to listen to the wisdom of women, creators of new life, who know what life needs.  Let us ask, and listen, then collaborate together to create a new future, for all of our relations.



  • Carista Luminare Carista is the President of Luminary Leadership Institute. She is counselor to couples and families, teaching them how to create secure attachment and heal developmental and attachment trauma. She is the author of “Parenting Begins Before Conception,” one of the first books written on developmental psychology from a spiritual perspective, and she has published dozens of articles on relationship healing, the impact of narcissism, and how men can learn to become more pro-relational.
  • Yanling Duan Yanling is the founder of Davos BlockBase, sponsor of “Planetary SuperNode Gatherings” for entrepreneurial leaders with global visions and projects that will have worldwide impact on ecosystems and planetary health.  Yanling was  named as one of “China’s top 10 design influencers” and "Design figure of the year in 2016,” She is recognized as one of the most impactful innovation evangelists and design media personalities in China. Her design and art TV program reached 30 million weekly viewers, and she founded Beijing’s first co-work space. She invests in and supervises social entrepreneurial and blockchain ventures globally.
  • Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D. Kayleen is a passionate scholar, cultural historian, musician, writer and teacher who weaves together history, myth, music, psychology, and art with experiential learning.  She is a faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Ubiquity University. She lectures on a wide array of topics ranging from Depth Psychology, the history of classical music and art, and the Sacred Feminine. She is a lecturer for the San Francisco Opera and the music historian for the Santa Rosa Symphony. She has consulted to leaders around the world in archetypal psychology, myth and ritual.  She’s been described as “a cross between Joseph Campbell, Leonard Bernstein and Wonder Woman. 
  • Anodea Judith, Ph.D. Anodea is founder and director of Sacred Centers, a school for consciousness expansion, and a globally recognized teacher. She has a Master’s degree in psychology and a Doctorate in human health, and is the author of 9 books on the chakras, psychology, energy medicine, yoga, and social change, including the international best-sellers Wheels of Life; Eastern Body–Western Mind; and The Global Heart Awakens.  Her books and courses have reached students in 163 countries and have been translated into 28 languages. She is an ardent promoter of the sacred, and has written extensively about the history of civilization, especially the evolution and impact of masculine and feminine power.  
  • Diamond Hollis Diamond is a conscientious activist and student-athlete who recently graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Fresno Pacific University. While in school, she participated in the NCAA Division II Volleyball, The Athletes of Color Alliance, and environmental clubs. Before FPU, she attended Notre Dame De Namur University where she founded the Independent Student and Ally Club, creating a safe space for students without family support or friends to learn basic skills such as credit management and filing taxes. She is currently considering how far to take her athletic career while she is studying for the LSAT exam so she can enter Law School.



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