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Happy Birthday, Stan Grof!

--- Humanity Rising Day 282 - Thursday July 1, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Today Stan Grof turns 90 and we at Humanity Rising are celebrating his life and legacy in partnership with Susan Hess Logeias, award-winning Director and Producer of the definitive documentary on Stan’s life The Way of the Psychonaut. During this session, we will watch a documentary tribute to Stan prepared by his wife Brigitte. Stan’s brother Paul Grof, MD, Ph.D. will be part of our celebration telling stories from his and Stan’s shared childhood and life.

Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.. is a world-renowned pioneer, theoretician, and practitioner of the transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. His groundbreaking theories have influenced depth psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy with his brilliant mapping of the transpersonal and perinatal dimensions of the psyche. Stan is well-known for his seminal work with LSD as a psychotherapeutic tool, beginning with his first LSD session in 1956 followed by his extensive clinical research through the 1960s and early 1970s. His use of LSD and other psychedelic substances in his psychiatric practice foreshadowed today’s widespread recognition that such substances can play an invaluable role in the treatment of many emotional and psychosomatic disorders as well as the alleviation of anxiety concerning the fear of death in terminally ill patients.

Stan was the first person to recognize that the results of LSD use for psychoanalysis were the same as what spiritual teachings have shown for thousands of years regarding non-ordinary states of consciousness. This led to his creating an award-winning cartography of the psyche that coined the term “ holotropic" as characteristic of non-ordinary states of consciousness such as meditative, mystical, or psychedelic experiences, all states which aim towards wholeness and the totality of existence.

For the past 50 years, Stan has continued his exploration of the many states of mind that can be explored without drugs by using certain breathing techniques. This holotropic breathwork (Grof® Breathwork) is an experiential method of self-exploration and psychotherapy that combines and integrates various elements from modern consciousness research, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual philosophies, shamanism and other native healing practices. In May 2020, together with his wife Brigitte Grof, they launched their Grof® Legacy Training where students can develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in a large category of non-ordinary states that have a healing, transformative, heuristic, and evolutionary potential. Stan’s research and study have provided us with evidence that these “non-ordinary” states can grant us more robust health, an increased enthusiasm for life, an expanded worldview, and a sense of the sacred that is universal, non­denominational, and all­ inclusive.



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