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U.S. Defense Department “Report on The UFO Phenomenon”

--- Humanity Rising Day 281 - Wednesday June 30, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
Editor's note: Today's expected speaker, Daniel Sheehan, did NOT arrive. Jim Garrison held the stage by offering his knowledge of global legends and the history of UFOs.  Jim also invited several members of the Zoom audience to tell of their own opinions or experiences concerning this interesting topic. The ensuing discussion is captured in "Today's HR Video Recording." The conversation continued in the AfterChat. And, as usual, various participants provided useful links in the Chats including a link to the official report and a link to a crop circle website.

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On Friday, June 25th, the U.S. Defense Department, in coordination with the United States Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, released a 78-page “Report On The U.S. Defense Department Information Concerning The Unidentified Areal Phenomenon ( or “UFO Phenomenon.”) This Report was generated, in part, by the October 2017 “Resignation In Protest” of the long-time Director of the U.S. Pentagon’s top-secret investigation of The UFO Phenomenon entitled the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program”, Luis Elizondo. The release of this 78-page Report takes place in the midst of a U.S. Defense Department Inspector General’s “Evaluation” designed to “determine the extent to which the DOD has taken any actions regarding The UFO Phenomenon” – that was initiated on May 3rd, 2021…on the afternoon of the morning filing by Luis Elizondo of his Official Complaint with the DOD Inspector General’s Office officially complaining about the U.S. Defense Department’s openly lying to The American Public about The UFO Phenomenon…and the findings of his 10-year investigation of this phenomenon.

Lue Elizondo’s attorney, Daniel Sheehan – also the General Counsel for The Washington, DC “UFO Disclosure Project”; the General Counsel for The 2013 Washington, DC “Citizen’s Hearing on The UFO Phenomenon”; and the attorney for Dr. John Mack in Dr. Mack’s 18-month confrontation with Harvard University over his 1994 publication of his book: ABDUCTION” Human Encounters With Aliens – will be with us to discuss his analysis of this June 25th, 2021 “Report.” He will also discuss his and Lue Elizondo’s on-going efforts to get the United States Defense Department’s Inspector General’s Office to conduct a full-scale good faith “investigation” designed to extract from the various agencies of the United States Government – including the C.I.A.; the F.B.I.; the Federal Aviation Agency; the Defense Intelligence Agency; as well as the little-known GEO-SPACIAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY what the actual information is that has been gathered by our United States Government about The UFO Phenomenon since the July 8, 1947 crash of a UFO outside the Roswell U.S. Army-Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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