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Report from Colombia:  Building Humaneness from Chaos

--- Humanity Rising Day 280 - Tuesday June 29, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Nowadays, we are all living in situations that we do not understand. Uncertainty often leads to states of social chaos from which we sometimes think we cannot escape, making us lose faith in humanity. Citizen mobilizations like those in Colombia could show us the path of light in the apparent darkness. Beneath all the chaos there is the potential of societies that could allow the transformation to flow towards higher orders instead of losing purpose by trying to 'order' the forms that no longer even exist.

  • Juliana Bohórquez has been central to the struggle for justice in Colombia for many years. She is an accomplished artist, systemic thinker, trainer and coach. She has worked on toolkits and methodologies to help with reconciliation, peace and community-building over the course of 15 years in the framework of the armed conflict in Colombia. Co-creator and professor with a masters degree in Transdisciplinary Sustainable Living Systems at the University Externado of Colombia and founder of two organizations over a decade ago — Meráki and SysLab — she is devoted to social innovation, mobilization, systemic analysis and mapping. She contributed through activism in recent years to the signing of the Peace Agreement in Colombia, to declare climate emergency at Bogota, sign the Escazú Agreement, mobilize collaboration between millions of Colombians to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, and contributed to the legal care of the Amazon as indigenous advisor, creating frameworks to protect water and forests rights in regions of Colombia. For more than a decade, she has organized ancestral spiritual gatherings with Abuela Margarita to remember the nature of humanity.



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