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Dreaming a Pandemic Doorway

--- Humanity Rising Day 279 - Monday June 28, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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In 2019, dreamers met on the Hill of Chartres through Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School as we had for the previous 14 years and as ancient Druids had done centuries before us. In this collective, place-based process, we invoke with prayer and music, share dreams with others who deeply listen, glyph (draw) and scribe the dreams, after which a seasoned “Dream Team” meets to review the notes and glpyhs to find the emergent narrative coming through the dreams and from this sacred site. At the conclusion of each dreamwork session, we prepare a presentation of our findings to share with the dreamers.

We discovered many anomalies in the pre-pandemic dreams of 2019—more than we had seen before—and to our great amazement, we realized that the collective dreams had pointed us to the seriousness and severity of what was coming. Looking back, we could see that some of these dreams were predictive. It was almost as if there was a “presence” in the dreams. In 2020, we met again during a virtual dream session through Humanity Rising. These deep in the pandemic dreams were heavy, dark, and also predictive of what was coming, including several dreams with the message, “I can’t breathe.” These dreams took place early in the pandemic and a month prior to George Floyd's death. While Chartres dreams have always had an element of prescience, up to now, we have mainly received reassurance there is a communication happening. But it begged the question - what do we do with these predictive dream messages? How can we be more conscious and how can we take actions in light of the information that comes through the dreams?

Come explore this with us during this two-hour dream session conducted by the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WISN). What better way to communicate than through the universal language of dreams?

‘Vindo Buet to Bitu,’ may your journey be blessed (ancient Gaul blessing).

Apela Colorado and the Dream Team.



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