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Let’s Talk! What does meaningful youth participation look like?

--- Humanity Rising Day 276 - Wednesday June 23 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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As part of World Unity Week, this event will bring together five youth organisers from different parts of the world, who are working to enhance youth engagement in their contexts. They will engage in dialogue with Youth Policy expert, Noella Richard from UNDP. Youth engagement looks different across the world, and yet there is a common misconception of youth engagement simply being a ‘ceremonial’ act or a tick-box exercise. Young people are often given entry level positions, such as internships or volunteer roles, with limited scope for growth. We believe that young people are expertly positioned in understanding current and local contexts, and engaging with processes of peace building and grassroots organizing to address local and global issues. With this in mind we ask the question, what does meaningful youth participation look like in our field? And what are the strategies and mechanisms for meaningful youth engagement that we can learn from each other?


  • Noella Richard (Youth Policy Specialist for UNDP) will be in conversation with 4 or 5 young leaders from URI.

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