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"RUSH when you burn yourself, Rush! Dr. Philip Savage, the FireBurnDoctor

Stopping the effects of burns worldwide!

"I don't know what you did, but I love you, dude!  My hand’s not even red anymore.”

  • Save +1 818-332-6445 under “Burns” on all your phones. 
  • Call in the first 30 minutes of burn (or within 24 hours of Shingles outbreak).
  • More than 2000 cases from 50 states and 58 countries:
  • All with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours.
  • Free, Remote, Done in minutes, No interference with medical procedures.
  • The more than 2000 results of “Instant Burn Recovery” are published on BURN REPORTS

FireBurnDoctor (FBD) is a team of international volunteers personally trained by Dr. Philip Savage to stop the tragic effects of Burns and Shingles worldwide.  The team uses the Subliminal Mind-Force technology, SDI (DSNB), to process burn victims who call within the first 30 minutes of injury or first 24 hours of diagnosed Shingles outbreak.  The intervention is immediate, free, and works remotely. The FBD team, sponsored by Catharsis, is committed to positive individual, social, and environmental change.

"I'm very very impressed... It was almost like a branding iron that he walked into." Dan W, California, 5/21/12

  • "We were roasting marshmallows while camping with my grandson. He walked into someone holding a red hot holder that had been held in the fire and received two burns from the tongs on the side of his face. The burns swelled and stood out like welts. It was like he'd been branded. He was crying and I applied cold to his cheek. After some time, I remembered a radio show about burns I had saved so I listened to it. I called the number and was so upset I couldn't remember the information that was being asked of me. The person I was talking to was very patient and allowed me time to get the right information and call back. Even though a few hours had passed I was assured they would still help. I was told to not think about it any more and let my grandson sleep. I somehow felt calmer and confident that things would be okay. The next morning I went to look in on my grandson and was surprised to see two faint brown lines on his cheek which he said didn't hurt at all. Thank you so much for what you did. I can't explain it, but I know it works."

“I know it works.” Fire Chief Joe Lowe.

How Does it Work?

Many people ask the same question.

For you: All you do is call or text to (from anywhere in the world) within 30 minutes of the burn and leave the information about the burn victim. That takes about one minute. Then watch and report the amazing results an hour later.

For the FireBurnDoctor: Dr. Philip Savage explains through a good analogy with the world of computers, software and Internet, how he manages to generate such bewildering results,

  • "In that 'computer context,' I would define myself as 'Bio-Matrix Hacker' and my technique as the way to break into the 'Bio-Fields Continuum' (the 'Matrix') that interconnects us all with one another (and with all living organisms ultimately) like a global 'bio-internet'.... Then, when an individual computer (a person...) is experiencing troubles, bugs, crashes or an accident (as for instance with a burn injury), all that I am doing is 'writing' a specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms to resolve and correct the problem, then 'hack' the bio-matrix to be capable to upload it. It will be then automatically downloaded to the individual 'computer' (the person) that has experienced a crisis to fix the specific software conflict or problem….”
  • “When you are exposed to fire it creates a horrible pain, but very superficial. Even when you are exposed 5 minutes to flame, when you think about it, so long as you did not inhale the heat, and your brain wasn’t damaged, it’s just like 5mm of skin that has been barbecued, but your organs are fine and then you are going to produce edemas. That’s your body. It is the internal reactions that kills after burns. My work is very simple, I bypass those.” 

The specific Subliminal (SDI) science and technology used by the FireBurnDoctor team is called DSNB - Distance Subliminal Neuro Bypass. This is where the FBD's immediate intervention bypasses the damage the brain is about to do to the body in response to the pain; pain which is almost always an intense overreaction to the actual injury. When his protocol is followed precisely, Dr. Savage's DSNB intervention bypasses that imminent damage, the body settles down, and the "burn never really takes." Shortly after the FBD intervention, there are no injuries to feel, see, or video.

  • "It's like it never happened! Thank you so much!"
  • "I don't know what you folks are doing but that flash burn has subsided. All I can say is thank you and I'm impressed for real! What you all are doing is brilliant… and will change our entire scientific paradigm for the better. All the great scientific researchers from the 18th and 19th century will attest that any change of this magnitude will be a struggle against the prevailing dogma, but will ultimately succeed and benefit us all in ways we cannot fully envision just yet.” Duran H. England, 12/19/15


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