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Humanity Rising Day 120 After Chat

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 120:

  • 12:35:37 From: Diane Skidmore : Been testing microphone and it's not working. Can do it by phone but not sure if it'll make a buzzing sound - let me know
  • 12:37:06 From: Liliane Mavridara : Hi Everyone, will we talk about tomorrow in this conversation or separately?
  • 12:37:28 From: Shannon McArthur : maybe later… ?
  • 12:37:33 From: Amy McKenzie : Hi All, i need to be on listen only mode today but didn't want to miss the conversation! 😊
  • 12:37:42 From: Shannon McArthur : Hi Kala!
  • 12:38:14 From: Liliane Mavridara : All right.
  • 12:38:23 From: Shannon McArthur : HI, Amy, glad to have you lurk!
  • 12:39:29 From: Liliane Mavridara : I need to run an errand, will check back later. If not, via email.
  • 12:39:55 From: Diane Skidmore : See you later Liliane
  • 12:40:08 From: Stanley Pokras : Bye, Liliane
  • 12:40:10 From: Kurt Krueger : Adios, Liliane
  • 12:40:41 From: Shannon McArthur : Hope you can return, Liliane
  • 12:40:55 From: Lesley Southwick-Trask : @ Liliane - would love your voice on tomorrow’s dialogue. Let’s connect.
  • 12:41:55 From: Diane Skidmore : It all makes me think - - yes - connecting the dots!!
  • 12:42:20 From: Diane Skidmore : So many ideas and practices that just need to unite!!
  • 12:44:27 From: Karen Ball : tool exchange
  • 12:46:16 From: Shannon McArthur : Good morning Tim!
  • 12:46:47 From: Diane Skidmore : I remember reading about China - when alarm clocks arrived, it meant that the community was split as before then they had all risen at the same time. Once each family had a clock - change happened
  • 12:47:25 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : @Diane - SO interesting
  • 12:49:16 From: Diane Skidmore : @Kathryn - yes. Also...…. Here I get cross with the leaf blowers - the council have them and …….. it would be great to see lots of people doing small jobs instead of having one guy with a machine!! Driven by petrol!!
  • 12:50:38 From: Shannon McArthur : yes, Diane - & the sweeping is meditational!!
  • 12:51:34 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : And the NOISE!
  • 12:52:11 From: Shannon McArthur : Like this?
  • 12:52:13 From: Diane Skidmore : And - Universal Basic Income - small money for small jobs xxx
  • 12:58:00 From: Diane Skidmore : I still didn't get the name of the guy - apologies
  • 12:58:16 From: Tim Heide :
  • 12:58:26 From: Tim Heide : Interaction Talk
  • 12:58:41 From: Tim Heide :
  • 13:00:10 From: Shannon McArthur : money is a resource that must not be left behind - must be used!! it is the fuel for the future
  • 13:00:55 From: Shannon McArthur : morning David!!
  • 13:01:16 From: Diane Skidmore : So - UP the value of values and money will become just a tool We can keep it - business is FUN!! but - it needs to be less special!!
  • 13:02:02 From: Shannon McArthur : awakening is so much fun!
  • 13:04:00 From: Tim Heide :
  • 13:06:43 From: Stanley Pokras : The book that does the BEST to explain the NATURE of Money ---

On the Business Cycle: The author, Jacques S. Jaikaran, M.D. offers a very good defense of Modern Monetary Theory in his book "Debt Virus." See page 168, where the author states plainly that "What we need to solve our cyclical problems such as inflation and recession is a metered amount of debt-free money injected into the economy. This money will compensate for the continuous withdrawal of money From: the economy by the private sector debt service on its borrowings."

  • 13:17:15 From: Kala Perkins : Thank you all for your enthusiasm and community! “See” you all tomorrow!
  • 13:17:57 From: Tim Heide : Copy paste From: my ubiverse profile:

Open your Eyes, Open your Mind. Beat the machine that works in your head (Guano Apes, Göttingen 1997)

The last 6 days changed my life. Sunday evening I knew, I´m not alone. About ten years I tried to find something in economics in Uni-KS. I watched a Video-> kind of Lightning Brainstorm -> I cried and went to bed. Luckiliy, its already written down e.g. by Christian Felbert. I bought two of his books, I started and I stopped because I thought there got to be a Network already. I believe it would be better to think for myself and discuss with people like you. Before I read Christians Books, I already know I love. Thats what they told me at University, were I searched about 10 years. I couldnt find anything, because I was trapped in the totally wrong bubble of economics.

  • 13:18:23 From: Kurt Krueger : Sailesh Rao: I was on his segment that he coordinated for the 11 Days of Global Unity.
  • 13:18:59 From: Tim Heide : After that Video and my thoughts, everything made sense to me. I´m conviced we will change everything, its a matter of TIME. Maybe I won´t see it, maybe it will be faster we all can imagine. It could be so easy, if we all be good and trust in good.

Until End of 2019 I worked for I really liked it, people we tried to help gave me sth. For a short time I felt fullfilled but I just can´t hold on at capitalism. Now I´m unemployed. Maybe I will apply for a job at and try to convince them to become ecogood member. After more centralicing of everything (People, Capital) our Earth could end in war or we come together when we can feel and see the Earth is dying. Imagine all humans understand what we could have achieved together, but its allready to late. Thats a very real case Scenario in future if we dont achieve rethinking before. I know a Shift could take all of us to an almost unimaginable World. Mankind could achieve the next step of evolution. It could

  • 13:19:18 From: Tim Heide : be easy if everybody would understand. Together, Hand in Hand.

Skills: I think every human being is skilled for our cause. We need to find out that skill together, thats what this is about. Love you

  • 13:19:26 From: David S : Sailesh Rao has some interesting stuff on the money issue…. Thanks, Kurt
  • 13:20:04 From: Shannon McArthur : thank you Tim
  • 13:20:07 From: Lesley Southwick-Trask : @ Tim - what you have written is why we are here in this group :)
  • 13:20:50 From: David S : My little town of McClellanville is doomed via sea level rise. I’m think of proposing to our town council some way of raising money to move further inland.
  • 13:21:21 From: Amy McKenzie : Our nonprofit is using Smart Contracts to support people in creating safe funding solutions: Smart Contract Info Zoom:

  • 13:22:09 From: Amy McKenzie : Site:
  • 13:22:11 From: sallyannett : diane-there-are-2-of-you
  • 13:22:27 From: Daniel Rieders, MD : greetings
  • 13:22:28 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : @Amy - wow thanks!
  • 13:22:31 From: sallyannett : hi-daniel
  • 13:22:57 From: Daniel Rieders, MD : hi sally
  • 13:22:58 From: Diane Skidmore : One of them is my phone! My microphone on pc is not working so - using the phone xxx
  • 13:23:28 From: sallyannett : ok-
  • 13:23:54 From: Diane Skidmore : @Sally :) xxx
  • 13:24:03 From: Amy McKenzie : My pleasure! It is one of our 1st steps in helping people begin to create a personal Endowment Fund
  • 13:25:41 From: Shannon McArthur : tool-sharing - including cars!!
  • 13:26:03 From: Stanley Pokras : Thomas H. Greco, Jr --- The End Of Money and the Future of Civilization.
  • 13:26:13 From: Shannon McArthur : like blood cells in the body
  • 13:30:19 From: Lesley Southwick-Trask : thanks Stanley - great books you are sharing
  • 13:34:21 From: Tim Heide :
  • 13:34:56 From: Kathryn Alexander, MA : Lesley, if you can catch me up later. I have to walk the dog and I have another call in a hour.