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Humanity Rising Day 071 Chat Page

Text of the Zoom Chat from HR Day 071:

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:00 AM) Happy Friday Everyone!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:03 AM) Ah people of ‘good will’…. how do we deal with people who are not of good will? given so many dAM)aged folks how do we manage their influence within our value system? We in the US have discovered how very fragile our system really was - it one person to destroy it. It is not dead, but the dAM)age is real and lasting. How can we plan for this to limit the dAM)age that can be done when a person who is not of good will gains power?

From: Jim Garrison (11:07 AM) Hi everyone, So good to see you all each day.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:08 AM) Thank you!

From: Elsie Maio (11:08 AM) Hi From: NYC

From: Diane Carol Mark (11:08 AM) We love starting our days listening to Dr. Jim! : From: Kala Perkins (11:08 AM) Jim, is there a base of Donut Economics here in the SF Bay Area?

From: Me to All panelists: (11:09 AM) R3.0 is really important! I've begun outlining the project here on

From: Michelle Kidd (11:09 AM) Blessings Jim and Everyone... You got me Hooked. Michelle

From: Yasmina Groenstein (11:09 AM) Hi! Thank you Jim! : From: Carol Khan (11:10 AM) Hi and thanks for this venue.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:13 AM) Ah linking wealth to adding value - what a thought!

From: Me to All panelists: (11:13 AM) @R3.0 have the people studying finance taken a look at Seeds? Does Seeds have a role to play in the Blueprints R3.0 is developing?

From: Diane Skidmore (11:14 AM) @Jim Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the organisation xxx

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:14 AM) How abut Values as systems? This is quite foundational and not really discussed much.

From: Georg Boch (11:14 AM) Hi Kurt, the resolution is very high. It might be your connection

From: Michelle Kidd (11:15 AM) My question would be... As the Treasury seem to 'print money at will UK' is there any intrinsic value in money

From: Me (11:15 AM) @R3.0 have the people studying finance taken a look at Seeds? Does Seeds have a role to play in the Blueprints R3.0 is developing?

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:15 AM) @Stan - good question

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:16 AM) thermodynAM)ics has been the. cause of the current situation of zero value increasing waste.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:17 AM) @Malini - hum say more

From: Me (11:17 AM) Does Seeds possibly offer a new way to create the system of value you are looking for?

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:19 AM) what about stakeholders value who are not active part of the economic cycle but part of the spirals.

From: Michelle Kidd (11:19 AM) Can you please explain Value Chains. Thank you

From: Kurt Krueger (11:20 AM) Here’s a look for the educational side of teh Value Circles System MUST be offered for our WHOLE Society/planet will easily practice these: Living Values: The first two Values instructed are Love and Peace. All the other Values are generated From: these. 

Developing quality Character traits is vitally important for all levels of society. When will this be emphasized?

There is one progrAM), that has over 90% reduction in violence in a Thai Refugee CAM)p within 2 years! The woman who developed it then went to Johannesburg, RSA and designed a progrAM) for street people - similar results!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:20 AM) the values are represented in the donut module.

From: Carol Khan (11:20 AM) wow

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:22 AM) thermodynAM)ics accounting ????
please explain how you think this will create value.

From: Leo Jacoby (11:22 AM) r3.O Value Cycles Blueprint - Outline Introduction • What is Value? • What are Cycles?

Value • SharehoIder Value • Shared Value • Valueism • Valuation • Impact Valuation • System Value • Intrinsic Value

Cycles • Value Chains • Circular Economy • ThermodynAM)ic Accounting • Bioregional Circulation • Cyclical Economy

Value Cycles • Systerns + Value + Cycles --> Regeneration & Thriveability • Synthesizing System Value Cycles into the r3.O Work Ecosystem • Baselining a Regenerative & Distributive Economic System

From: Kurt Krueger (11:23 AM) Is there a graphic in NATURE that would illustrate the Donut or Values Circles?

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:23 AM) @Kurt, love this question

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:24 AM) @Kurt Kate has a diagrAM) for regeneration that seems to capture that for me.

From: Kurt Krueger (11:25 AM) @Kathryn, NATURE not diagrAM). Like the rings of a tree, or the conch design, etc.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:25 AM) The spiral and infinity sign are both there

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:25 AM) value is subjective. values change over time as paradigms change.
even in nature the value of an entity varies according to the ecosystem it exists in.

From: Leo Jacoby (11:26 AM) Value "claims embracing the fitness, the desirability of a (possible) fact" -- Everett Wesley Hall 1961

From: gary wohlman (11:26 AM) Thanks for all of your insightful comments, Kurt ~ adds lots of value to these chats

From: Me (11:27 AM) Agreements: Everything we know, everything we see, everything we do together depends on agreements. Language is a tool for making agreements, writing is a tool for recording agreements, money is a tool for enumerating and assigning value to our agreements. Agreements AM)ong people are the basis for our conscious reality. Without a process for agreed upon concepts, our reality would be awash with meaningless sensations.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:27 AM) @Stanley Brilliant. Simple xx

From: Me (11:28 AM) Thank you,

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:28 AM) woooh - vital capital impact? would like to see where this is going.

From: Kurt Krueger (11:29 AM) Pithy Stories, as in some Indigenous or Myths: as in Ubuntu - "An anthropologist proposed a gAM)e to an African tribe’s kids. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad? Can replace the images as they create images

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:30 AM) @Kurt lovely picture!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:30 AM) @Kurt Love this story!!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:30 AM) this definition of capital is what the petroleum industry uses to determine how much oil should be harvested.

From: Jen Forti (11:30 AM) Beautiful @Kurt

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:31 AM) and coal mining.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:32 AM) Fits with Human Kindness by Rutger Bregman - human beings have an essential goodness to them

From: Jane (11:32 AM) Feels like "shared baseline agreement" is the crucial piece especially when it comes to ensuring that ALL stakeholders are included and we put an end to ongoing division, racism, bias and separation.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:32 AM) it does not take into account the long-term destruction and disruption caused by this approach.

From: Kurt Krueger (11:33 AM) Love to have this image of the Mauri system

From: Diane Skidmore (11:33 AM) (hahah - just took a pic of the slide!! From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:33 AM) @kurt YES! @Diane, can you read it?

From: Diane Skidmore (11:34 AM) (Also noted the link at the bottom of the slide From: Michelle Kidd (11:34 AM) I Love Desmond Tutu's book 'Made for Goodness' in it he says 'We were made by Goodness FOR Goodness' 💓Michelle

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:34 AM) @Michelle yes!

From: Michelle Kidd (11:35 AM) 💓 Kathryn

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:35 AM) Nature always creates the conditions that support life - a key resilient value - J. Benyus

From: Kurt Krueger (11:35 AM) Humans are simply a part of The Whole. We are the environment - this is the Wisdom and Science of the indigenous.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:35 AM) @Kathryn - kinda. However, I guess if we follow the link - I'll see if I can copy it for you xxx

From: Kurt Krueger (11:36 AM) Our view of the center is so egotistical!

From: Lane Maser (11:37 AM) @Kurt. Agreed. Per Braiding Sweetgrass: WINDIGO

From: Michelle Kidd (11:38 AM) YAAY. Triple Loop Learning

From: Me (11:38 AM) A simple way to think about money that works in personal lives and small businesses: Money is like heat. It is generated by activity and radiates away From: its possessor.

From: Kurt Krueger (11:38 AM) @Lane, exactly, sAM)e with Anita Sanchez’ The Four Sacred Gifts!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:38 AM) @Kathryn and maybe @ Kurt -new-zealand

From: Kurt Krueger (11:38 AM) Or Black Elk Speaks, Ken Waters

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:39 AM) @Diane - thank you!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:39 AM) Thank you @Diane!

From: Lane Maser (11:39 AM) @Diane. Thank you for that!

From: Kurt Krueger (11:40 AM) @Diane, muchos gracias.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:41 AM) that's because they should have been looking at stakeholder value. which would have taken the environmental impact into the lifecycle analysis of business cycles. mining, petroleum, mono culture are exAM)ples of this.

From: Me (11:43 AM) “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last streAM) poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”
― Cree Indian Prophecy

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:43 AM) @Malini yes IF shareholder was defined by more than profit.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:43 AM) yes and fishing and wood and timber industry too.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:45 AM) Would love to encourage our fellow humans with wealth to build their own self-value by serving others and sharing

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:45 AM) @Diane - yes!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:46 AM) What about the worth of some one??? (Bubbling with laughter here as - I'm a treasure!! Bit cheeky maybe From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:46 AM) LOL

From: Shannon McArthur (11:47 AM) lol2

From: Diane Skidmore (11:47 AM) Contribution? I give my heart, my soul, my life!!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:47 AM) they just eat it up spit you back out

From: Diane Skidmore (11:47 AM) They can - it's free to take xxx

From: Shannon McArthur (11:47 AM) sorry, speaking From: experience

From: Diane Skidmore (11:47 AM) No spitting tho please

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:48 AM) I like this carrying capacity use!

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:48 AM) @diane, that would be the value of soft skills.I agree making people smile and keeping a teAM) morale up needs to be valued.

From: Me (11:48 AM) Money comes into existence when someone is willing to vouch for it. Borrowers vouch for the money that banks create.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:48 AM) @Malini and giving time and strength etc

From: Kurt Krueger (11:49 AM) @Diane, Kathryn, YES, lets start telling the STORY, giving images that touch the heart. Put into short videos, similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories that deal with all that we are talking about FOR LIVING - the NEW EDITION - From: Education, finance, Values, etc.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:49 AM) @Kurt I’m in.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:50 AM) @Kurt, Kathryn et al - yes!! That was what Stanley was asking for - let's DO something. I'm in too xxx

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:50 AM) @kurt. I'm in too.


From: Me (11:51 AM) @Kurt - the Chat People manifesto???

From: Shannon McArthur (11:51 AM) lol indeed

From: Diane Skidmore (11:51 AM) Woo hooooo - filming done by Mumbai residents!! Yes!!! (Mumbai students and fAM)ilies maybe - residents From: Lane Maser (11:52 AM) @Stanley. Profound Cree prophecy.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:52 AM) critical natural capital. how do you value air , water and soil that is being polluted?

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:53 AM) main determinant should not be survival but flourishing.

From: Kurt Krueger (11:53 AM) Each of the Panelist GROUPS during HR offering may wish to apply some of their wisdom into pithy short stories and videos illuminating the essentials (BENEFITS) of their work for the vast majority of life on the planet.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:54 AM) that is nature's way. flourishing not sustaining.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:55 AM) @Malini Yes!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:55 AM) Keeping the word 'flourish' as part of the stories!! (Fits well with nature From: Kurt Krueger (11:55 AM) SYSTEM VALUE is it. As we are the forest or we perish!

From: Lane Maser (11:55 AM) Present corporations should not be allowed into these decisions! ;D

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:55 AM) @Kurt toMalinis point flourishing , thriving, not just surviving.

From: Elsie Maio (11:56 AM) What cases can you talk about of corporations who are adopting your model of System Value?

From: Me (11:56 AM) @Lane - The Cree Proverb is used as the opening screen in this beautiful video by the singer nAM)ed Aurora:

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:56 AM) @Lane - I think they need to be included to act as a bridge into the future instead of a war for survival…

From: Diane Skidmore (11:57 AM) @Kathryn - agree - let's encourage them to be included and change - otherwise we fight them - no good

From: Carol Khan (11:57 AM) yes please

From: Diane Skidmore (11:58 AM) Thank you Bill - your ides encouraged great conversations too ideas

From: Lane Maser (11:59 AM) @Kathryn - I don’t disagree, yet was thinking more in line with Elders making wise decisions that corporations would needfully adapt to. : @Stan. Thank you

From: Diane Skidmore (12:00 PM @Lane All are welcome as long as they understand and play nicely xxx

From: Jane (12:00 PM Question on Establishing "Rightness"- this is a matter of perspective, so how does one avoid, personal, group, corporate bias taking priority?

From: Me (12:00 PM On the Business Cycle: The author, Jacques S. Jaikaran, M.D. offers a very good defense of Modern Monetary Theory in his book "Debt Virus." See page 168, where the author states plainly that "What we need to solve our cyclical problems such as inflation and recession is a metered AM)ount of debt-free money injected into the economy. This money will compensate for the continuous withdrawal of money From: the economy by the private sector debt service on its borrowings."

From: Diane Skidmore (12:00 PM hahaha @Lane (speaking as an elder From: Kurt Krueger (12:01 PM Anita Sanchez HAS CHIPPED AWAY WITH BIG CORPORATIONS WITH HER WORK. CHECKL IT OUT

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:01 PM @Lane - I agree with having them adapt. I’ve been working in that space for over 20 years and yes, things are changing, and yes very slowly. This is were a partnership between business and government can really help. government adopting the donut model can be a supportive relationship.

From: Kurt Krueger (12:04 PM Who has a 15 minute presentation for a department head in the City of Los Angeles CA USA? I need a bit of help From: our friends, for bringing it forth in California. Please connect with me. Thanks More can then follow…

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:05 PM @Kurt - on what? @Kurt - maybe a collaborative planning session? Marilyn HAM)ilton would be a good partner...

From: Lane Maser (12:06 PM @Kathryn. Thank you and I do agree. It is weaving an organic wisdom into the system which is ultimately more sustainable.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:06 PM @Lane oxox

From: Kurt Krueger (12:07 PM On Circular or Donut Econ. Just about any one of the progrAM)s presented over the past 60+ days… :) Someone will be able to grab it and fly!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:07 PM I have a conner about putting humans into the center - I’d prefer LIFE as we tend to forget everyone else.

From: Kala Perkins (12:08 PM Kurt, I think we need to explore a California Donut Economy group, community by community.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:08 PM @Kala, I agree.

From: Jane (12:08 PM @Kathryn A. agree.

From: Me (12:09 PM @Kala - I can help you reach Ellen Brown who has been leading the movement for Public Banks.

From: Kurt Krueger (12:09 PM Yes, I’m connected with the small hometown, San Fernando and with some leadership in Los Angeles. SO as much help we generate, we fly sooner… :)_

From: Michelle Kidd (12:09 PM Great idea. Maybe we could get a group together to discuss bringing DONUT Economics to the UK. Michelle

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:09 PM “our’ values???? We need to accept natures values - IMO

From: Katerina ZalAM)ova (12:10 PM Hi, @Kurt, I’m Katerina ZalAM)ova From: Barcelona. I’ll be happy to help with anything about implementation of circular economy at a city scale. Please, let have a chat after the conference. My email is katerina.zalAM)

From: Kala Perkins (12:10 PM Are you meeting on the after Zoom? Re: LA/ California?

From: Me (12:11 PM Yes, we'll meet after this progrAM). Kurt, will you be with us today?

From: Kala Perkins (12:12 PM Hi Katerina, I want to explore it for San Francisco Bay Area, and may contact you

From: Katerina ZalAM)ova (12:12 PM Thanks! Very happy to help!

From: Me (12:13 PM @Katerina - I AM) sending you an invitation to the after HR Chat People Zoom

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:14 PM Interesting in how much of this fits in with the Resilient Value Set model.

From: Katerina ZalAM)ova (12:14 PM Thanks, Stanley!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:14 PM JOE BREWER!! Earth Regenerators!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:14 PM @Shannon Yes!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:15 PM I’d love t see a more active partnership between Earth Regenerators and Humanity Rising!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:15 PM me too - this is key to the Whole

From: Kurt Krueger (12:17 PM The PachAM)AM)a Alliance’s Symposium, Awaken the DreAM)er, Change the DreAM) is a powerful EXPERIENCE that opens hearts and action. Its even done online. My wife and best friend and I present progrAM)s around S. California. This can get to all levels of society. : From: Shannon McArthur (12:17 PM river delta as fractal of what?

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:17 PM @Kurt yes it would be good for them to join the party too.

From: Kurt Krueger (12:18 PM @Kathryn we get to connect with anyone - 3% of separation!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:18 PM @Shannon of our lungs for instance, our circulatory system (blood) etc.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:18 PM @Michelle I wrote a letter (hard copy) to Boris, Rees Mogg, David Attenborough, other politicians and royals (they can help - they believe the sAM)e thing). I did 20 copies and sent it electronically to papers too. It felt silly (little woman) but - someone here said 'post it. We'll give you a stAM)p' so - I did. So.... very easy to send another with the simple clip that Georg and Richard created (with Edouard Muller's talk - 38 mins so not too long) and we could ask for a part of Kate's Doughnut talk. Really happy to do that as part of a next step!

From: Jane (12:19 PM Love that Dianne! Diane

From: Diane Skidmore (12:20 PM Have to do stuff!!! Or - stuff needs to be done!!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:21 PM Human beings rise through humans doing!

From: Michelle Kidd (12:21 PM Great idea Diane, I'd like to help DONUT Economics move forward haven't been sure how to. I'm a Nurse not an Economist 💓

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:22 PM @Michelle, how might a hospital apply the donut to their management system?

From: Kurt Krueger (12:22 PM Please, any PANELIST, we’d love to have you interact with the 6-16+ participants that meet shortly after. Stan will post something about it near the end of the progrAM). The more the merrier! I can only be on the After Party that Stan has organized for a short time today.

From: Michelle Kidd (12:23 PM Hmmn, I'll think about it Kathryn

From: Jane (12:23 PM Altruism Reigns...hooray!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:23 PM YES the hockey stick is NOT progress but a race to death!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:23 PM @Michelle - Wow!! You're a nurse!! Brill You care!!! I did 2 days of 'Economics is for Everyone' - really simple 'way in' and - - we can all understand and we are all part of economics - we do shopping!!

From: Jim Garrison (12:25 PM I would love to join the after party but have another call. Are these ongoing? Would try to make the next one.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:25 PM Yes, Jim, and to have you join us would be AM)azing. Love to have you!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:26 PM @jim, yes we do this after each days session.

From: Michelle Kidd (12:26 PM Yes Diane, I AM) Medically Retired now so I have lots of time to do things as I don't have children either

From: Me (12:26 PM Dear Chat PEOPLE, panelists, too..
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. Please write to me if you would like to participate (even if you can't join us today) and don't already have the Zoom link. I have also created an email list for us to interact without being on at the sAM)e time.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:26 PM @Michelle - my email - maybe write to me and I'll send you a copy of what I wrote and maybe we can discuss next moves

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:27 PM YES to flawed ‘leadership’ model - I work with partnership

From: Diane Skidmore (12:27 PM Steward rather than leader - great!!!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:27 PM thank you so much! working together …

From: Michelle Kidd (12:28 PM Will do Diane thank you. My nAM)e is Michelle Kidd HAHA

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:28 PM RefrAM)ing how power iflows...

From: Diane Skidmore (12:28 PM @Michelle hahahaha Great!!!

From: Me (12:30 PM The author, Peter Block has a whole book titled: "Stewardship" Subtitle: Choosing service over self-interest

From: Shannon McArthur (12:30 PM Peace can only be if shared equally…

From: Carol Khan (12:30 PM It’s 2:30AM) here,,, I’m going back to bed

From: Shannon McArthur (12:30 PM sleep well, Carol

From: Carol Khan (12:30 PM Thanks, it’s my best thing

From: Shannon McArthur (12:30 PM <3

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:30 PM @Shannon shared with equity not necessarily equally

From: Shannon McArthur (12:31 PM point with all

From: Diane Skidmore (12:31 PM @carol Sleep well indeed!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:31 PM @Ralph - gert job! Thank you Stan for bring this organization forward.

From: Carol Khan (12:32 PM Sharing to Australian Conservation Foundation, Galilee Rising and 2 cats.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:33 PM Go Calor!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:33 PM Brilliant Carol - Australia and cats haha

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:33 PM Go Carol!!!

From: Carol Khan (12:34 PM Thanks guys.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:34 PM guys????

From: Shannon McArthur (12:34 PM sure - generic

From: Carol Khan (12:34 PM Australian for everyone.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:34 PM Generic really?

From: Michelle Kidd (12:35 PM Oh gosh, Donuts and Treacle Tart... And it's Friday, 😘

From: Diane Skidmore (12:35 PM Guys - or man!! My kids laugh at me when I call people man - but...… all people xxx

From: Carol Khan (12:35 PM yes Ice creAM) too.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:36 PM And yes - noticed the treacle tart too hahaha

From: Michelle Kidd (12:37 PM I live near Newcastle upon Tyne, everyone is 'Man' here you'd get on Well Diane 💓

From: Diane Skidmore (12:37 PM Wahaaaay - a Geordie!! Great, man hahaha

From: Michelle Kidd (12:37 PM 💓

From: Me (12:38 PM What does R3.0 think about Seeds?

From: Michelle Kidd (12:38 PM Is that a real snake

From: Shannon McArthur (12:38 PM rights- holder seems a positive transition.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:38 PM @Michelle, I have been staring at it too.

From: Me (12:38 PM My audio cut off???

From: Shannon McArthur (12:39 PM audio ok here

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:39 PM audio ok

From: Jen Forti (12:40 PM I second Stanley’s question about the SEEDS currency and whether R3.0 considers embracing a blockchain technology

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:40 PM These folks should work with B Lab to distill measures that can be used for certification.

From: Me (12:40 PM Audio ok, must have clicked on it accidentally

From: Carol Khan (12:41 PM should you use the Q & A for the seeds question?

From: Jen Forti (12:41 PM

From: Kurt Krueger (12:42 PM Thats what SEEDS does

From: Jen Forti (12:42 PM Absolutely crucial to consider ecological constraints! SEEDS is totally on board with that

From: Shannon McArthur (12:43 PM you WILL!

From: Jen Forti (12:43 PM HAHAHAHA!!!!!

From: Me (12:43 PM Seeds: Humanity Rising - Monday July 27, 2020 Day 67

From: Carol Khan (12:44 PM Fantastic presentation, I AM) an artist and teacher, not an economist but I could follow

From: Shannon McArthur (12:45 PM several thousands? don’t agree. hundreds yes

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:45 PM I’m really hoping that we will see more interconnections between speakers! B Lab, SEEDS, r3.0 etc. That will be very generative !

From: Annette Shaked (12:45 PM @Jim - Yes, they have been "encyclopedic" & visually exciting!

From: Michelle Kidd (12:45 PM Thank you Everyone for Another Fascinating call 🙏Michelle

From: Jen Forti (12:45 PM Discussing the Economics behind SEEDS: The Conscious Currency for a Regenerative Society.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:46 PM Fantastic Jim - the human psyche MUST be included!!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:46 PM AND strong partnering!

From: Jen Forti (12:47 PM I’m so ready and just not sure how precisely to start something new within my community

From: Shannon McArthur (12:47 PM Blessings to all for all your weaving of the disparate parts of all we know and are… becoming…!

From: Michelle Kidd (12:47 PM Me either Jen. Michelle

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:47 PM They co-opt the words so they don’t have to change

From: Shannon McArthur (12:48 PM minds’ transformation

From: Cyndy (12:48 PM @Jen... yes, I really want to know how to do this as well, within my community

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:48 PM @Jen, Michelle meet with us after and ask those questions

From: Silas Richardson (12:48 PM Awesome Day to Be Alive-have a great day and weekend

From: Diane Skidmore (12:48 PM thank you All xxx

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:48 PM Thank you All!!!!