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Humanity Rising Day 068 After Chat

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 068:

  • 13:36:46 From: Kurt Krueger : The art of story telling.
  • 13:43:03 From: Kurt Krueger :
  • 13:45:32 From: MALINI Rajendran : hikala
  • 13:45:45 From: Kurt Krueger : Donut economics for Householdes is a necessary chart/paper, whatever for anyone to SEE their imprint.
  • 13:53:12 From: Kurt Krueger : Did I share this yesterday. Each person, each word can have great effect. Open hearts then opens minds.
  • 13:53:48 From: Shannon : I’ll look at that!
  • 13:55:30 From: doctress neutopia : I’ve got to go. Thank you so much for the discussion.
  • 13:55:49 From: MALINI Rajendran : this will interest you all.

  • 13:55:54 From: Kurt Krueger : Coctress, please connect aGAIN.
  • 13:58:38 From: Kala : Nice to see you all; appreciating your inspiration😊
  • 13:59:23 From: Kurt Krueger : I SENT HUMANITY RISING, Steve Ferral’s contact info for the Humanity’s Team director. No response. We can link them up… one way or another.
  • 14:03:10 From: Kurt Krueger : Please
  • 14:04:23 From: Kurt Krueger : Is there aYoutube description on this
  • 14:05:16 From: Kurt Krueger : "THE WORLD IS AS YOU SEE IT!" ~ VASISTHA's last instructions to Rama before Rama went to take over his kingdom. From: the book, Vasistha’s Yoga
  • 14:28:03 From: Stanley Pokras : Shannon let me know when you want tp be unmated.
  • 14:30:05 From: Shannon : I’ll be with you in aa minute
  • 14:30:24 From: Stanley Pokras : no problem
  • 14:38:29 From: Shannon : i have to go… lunch time with Mom. Bless you all, carry on…