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Humanity Rising Day 065 After Chat

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 065:

  • 13:23:35 From: Nirmalan Dhas : Glistening Says “I let Linda know that I will continue to host Larry's archive as I have for 10 years in perpetuity. Time zones make it difficult for me to connect with them in USA.

I work long hours 6 day weeks during term time so no cognitive surplus for most of the year. Happy to talk with you any time however limited attention for others at this point”

  • 13:29:37 From: Kurt Krueger : Beneficial Statre Banmk
  • 13:32:12 From: Kurt Krueger : What Impressed you the most in today’s program?
  • 13:38:14 From: Kurt Krueger : Has anyone checked out the SEED crypto currancy
  • 13:38:53 From: Diane Skidmore : Personally - not yet
  • 14:02:27 From: Stanley Pokras :