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Humanity Rising Day 061 After Chat

Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day 061:

  • 13:15:24 From: MALINI Rajendran : I'm going to stay off video till the internet stabilises. I'm listening.
  • 13:18:39 From: Shannon McArthur : Earth Regenerators
  • 13:35:13 From: Stanley Pokras To L M(privately) : Do you want to remain as LM or can we have your name?
  • 13:40:01 From: Stanley Pokras : Lane might like to know my friend Nancy McClernan who runs websites for creative writers and playwrites
  • 13:40:16 From: Shannon McArthur : I might too.
  • 13:57:36 From: Stanley Pokras : Creative people might like to go through Nancy's websites: Here
  • 13:57:41 From: Stanley Pokras :
  • 14:06:19 From: Carlos Prosser : i have problems with my connectión, a big hug to everyone
  • 14:37:01 From: Lane : I just realized the time. Many thanks everyone and Stan for organizing. And for the links. Cheers, Lane