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Dear Hershel & David Thanks for asking what help I might need.

It starts here:

That is a large document with a table at the top which links down to the nearly 500 events from the last two years. I’m the nut job who thinks these presentations are important.

Clicking on any one of the months in the table, for example May 2021 gets you here:

That shows a group of episodes with their “Day Number” and their Title.

Clicking on the “Edit Source” tab reveals the structure of the list for May

In this work, I devised an episode “Key” that is composed of HR!Day###

That key defines is the page title for that day’s episode.

In order to make the table have meaning to actual users, the episode titles have been added after a PIPE (the vertical character).

Then upon returning to “Read” mode, clicking on any line item will move the reader to the episode’s “Day Page.”

We’ve copied the episode title into the Day Page. But notice that the page name is just the Key that I set up. This isn’t a problem while looking at day pages.

My issue is when I add categories to the Day Pages and select a particular category, the page Keys are all that appear.