Climate Healers

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Healing Earth From The Inside Out

Climate Healers is an organization which implements system level solutions to enable a directed, focused, grassroots social movement that will mitigate and reverse climate change, while regenerating life. Our mission is to create an inclusive global community, nurturing and accelerating a shift in human behavior towards a balanced, regenerative presence on Earth for all life. Climate Healers has a holistic approach and is working toward creating a thriving vegan culture with a focus on normal nonviolence, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), compassion, health, radical unity, equality, a mindset of abundance; and is also developing a new game called Aquarius to stimulate a service-driven economy.

  • Climate Healers consists hundreds of volunteers all over the world collaborating via our online forum called Basecamp. Some Climate Healers also organize free, feature-length documentary film screenings to the public, via local Climate Healers Groups. In Basecamp, our online think-tank, we are working on the solutions and framework necessary to transition from our current global system of normalized violence to a new global system of normal nonviolence, our vegan world. We invite the public to our free film screenings and thought-provoking Q&A’s, around the globe. The 2019 VOMAD global survey of vegans showed that watching feature-length documentaries was the number one answer for what made vegans first seriously consider going vegan. We strive to treat everyone with compassion and respect, both online and in person, and we value and use Nonviolent Communication methods.
  • Climate Healers is about solutions and education. We are about collaboration and Collective Intelligence. We are about creating a world where all life thrives. We are working together to achieve a Vegan World by 2026, defined by at least half of the population of industrialized nations self-identifying as vegan.



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