Basil Savitsky

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Basil Savitsky Basil Savitsky, Ph.D., is a philosopher and futurist who brings brings a systems-view and a long-term perspective to personal and social change. As a university professor, he worked inconservation mapping, eco-psychology, and futures studies. In recent years, Dr. Savitsky hasoffered over 100 trainings throughout the US on behavioral health, positive youth development,emotional intelligence, and social-emotional learning. He is currently directing a federal grant inNorth Carolina to prevent risky behavior in youth and to foster statewide collaboration on behavioral healthefforts between college campuses. His methods to support adolescent rites of passage intomeaningful adulthood can be seen in a TEDx talk on that subject.

Participation on Humanity Rising

HRDay147| We Are Nature, Reconnecting With Wisdom And Oneness