Barbara Leger

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Barbara Leger was raised on a pioneer-built Quebec farm, with a love of outdoors, power of nature’s cycles and responsibility of working the land became clear. Seeds of inequity were sown:  she was a member of protestant, English, more wealthy, large landowning community who hired poorer catholic and less abundant French farmworker community who worked the farm.

She joined US Civil Service and went to an isolated Air Force base, married and became a green-card-carrying-alien. Learning, growing, changing and sharing are the main roads of her life. Joys and responsibility of children and single parenthood brought pivotal lessons. Years of self-employment prepared the way for the awaiting shift.  A major injury, the loss of her house painting company, physical and financial limitations shoved the shift. 

Vocational rehab brought her to New Dimensions Radio. The path of possibility and responsibility were clarified, and her future trajectory was set with their Vision: “It is only through a change of consciousness that the world will be transformed”

She co-founded a PBS television station, formed business & organization consulting firms, YES Productions and LEGER Internationale, Co-founding non-profits: Sister City in Ukraine, Routes for Youth, World Affairs Council, North Bay World Trade. She was on boards of Catholic Charities, Leadership Santa Rosa (chamber program), Sonoma County Press Club and volunteered in countless causes for youth, homeless individuals and served clients in California and globally.

In June of 2000, she, and her son and daughter, graduated from institutions of higher education in their chosen fields: Consciousness, Natural Science and Education. This led Barbara to Ukraine.  She founded New Thought community there and it all led to now.

The New Ukrainian Schools / New Leaders focus emerged.  For this opportunity, the California DBA ‘Golden Path of Peace’ was born as a non-profit project and ‘WE Stand for the Future’ joint venture partner was created in Ukraine and together we developed ‘The Understanding PEACE Project’. Four pilot projects reached 5,000 students and in November.  The 1st non-pilot project served 2,000 students, 98 teachers and 45 schools.  This program is to understand the innate reality of peace born within, the power of choice to support it and skills to use all experiences showing us the stepping stones to becoming a peaceful person.

Her intention is to be Happy and Healthy to age 100 and beyond.  Her Vision: PEACE on Earth grows as we learn to live responsibly, prosper in peace as we know war as an obsolete method of settling our differences. We choose to cultivate harmony, respectful of our different cultures and ways of self-expression; we learn to work side by side to solve the global problems with solutions that require the best of us to rise up and be the model of HumanKind.

Participation on Humanity Rising

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