Amanda Masters

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Amanda Marie Masters is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Moms Empowerment Expert who has been featured as a spiritual expert on TV for her energy work and is considered a leader in her field. Amanda’s primary focus of interest is working with Conscious Moms raise conscious children and rediscover themselves as an important part of our global community whether the children are still in the home or have flown the nest. As a mom herself of three children, Hannah, Dylan and Jimi, Amanda understands the delicate balance it requires with the blessings and trials of parenting when the children coming in nowadays are here to challenge the current paradigm and support awakening us all.

Amanda has a great passion for educating and sharing her tools on how to raise conscious children as well as help women discover their own true power and mission here so they feel purpose as global contributors.

Amanda has spent years aligning Moms with their Soul’s purpose by assisting them in diving deeper into their love of self through awareness practices and daily rituals that help bring balance, empowerment, and inspired intention into their lives. Amanda focuses on providing tools for her clients to improve many aspects of their lives such as health, wealth, family dynamics, relationships, and love.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 76 - Practicing Pause post COVID-19