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We offer a set of social innovations which can reliably facilitate all the people to come together as "We the People" and achieve breakthrough progress on society's most pressing, impossible-seeming issues.

  1. “Choice-creating” ... This is the missing quality of thinking by which we can work together and solve society's most pressing issues. It's necessary for facilitating "We the People" to come into being.
  2. “Dynamic Facilitation" ... This is how we can reliably evoke choice-creating in a group of people
  3. The “Wisdom Council Process" ... This is how we can use Dynamic Facilitation to evoke choice-creating and "We the People" in a large system of people, like a nation.
  4. "Society's Breakthrough" ... Here's how we can transform global society or national society ... governance, economics and culture ... so the system works for all.
--From the Mission



  1. Choice-creating
  2. https://www.wisedemocracy.org/2-dynamic-facilitation.html Dynamic Facilitation]
  3. The Wisdom Council Process
  4. Society’s Breakthrough