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Note: "About"

Now, 12 years later, I believe that I have chosen poorly in defining the top level term "About." For one thing, the "Target" of an "About" ought always to be a product of an organization or an individual. The mistake i made is in assuming that the Target would be the organization or person not just something that was created by the organization or individual.

In other words, the "About" term is to be understood as the "subject" of the target which should be a book, a film, an article, an academic paper, or other such creations that was created by an organization or person.

The Term "About" is handy because in writing a sentence it would be nicer.

For example if someone writes a book with the titled "Hama Daza" in order to offer a nice sentence to categorize it, we would be able to say The book Hama Daza is about "Green Cheese" rather than saying The Book Hama Daza has Green Cheese as its subject.

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