Natalie Zeituny

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Natalie Zeituny is a reality researcher, modern mystic, clairvoyant healer, and conscious business entrepreneur. For over thirty years she has been researching consciousness, the nature of reality and how these impact individuals, collectives and society. As the founder of Ensoulment, Natalie is dedicated to applying reality models to facilitate personal, social and planetary transformation. As the founder of Conscious Business Center, she advised Fortune 500 leaders including Apple, Google and Yahoo while hosting seminars and lectures, and counselling hundreds of individuals worldwide. For the last ten years, Natalie has been enchanted by the mystery of reality, exploring how we could design life-affirming regenerative humanity through an ensoulment approach. Her work has been published in four books and numerous essays.

Humanity is evolving from generating experiences unconsciously to designing metaverses consciously. The realities we are creating are mirrored back to us through technology in real time -- we can instantly witness who and what we are becoming. Imagine a reality in which the collective intelligence of humanity, the love and wisdom of the soul and the power of technology are integrated to create one planetary super-organism. Ensoulment encourages long term deep ecological thinking in order to support the thriving of all life. This is the power of the Ensoulment of Humanity.

Natalie Zeituny, dedicated to innovative applications of consciousness and reality models that facilitate personal, social, and planetary transformation, says, "I welcome your heartfelt care and soulful genius to join the adventure." ::

Natalie's Deep Dive on Ensoulment Saturday July 8th, 2023

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 724 Wed 6/21/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 3: Aligned Al use- cases in Education
Day724HRAfterChat See Natalie speak on Ensoulment starting at 16:40 in the AfterChat recording

Facebook Event Saturday July 8, 2023