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Jim Garrison is the founding President and CEO of Ubiquity University, a university is dedicated to providing affordable education at the graduate, undergraduate, and public education levels worldwide. Garrison served as founding President of Wisdom University from 2005 till 2012. The university is now the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies within Ubiquity University providing Masters and Doctoral degrees in the world wisdom traditions.

  • Garrison served as founder and President of the State of the World Forum from 1995 till 2012, a San Francisco based non-profit institution created to establish a global network of leaders dedicated to creating a more sustainable global civilization. With Mikhail Gorbachev as its Convening Chairman, the Forum convened leaders from around the world and a spectrum of disciplines to its annual and regional conferences; creates action-oriented strategic initiatives, and catalysed the creation of several independent ongoing organizations.
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- A Tribute to Jim By Bruce Schuman

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